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Aircraft viewing areas for ABQ aviation lovers

To the child who has a fascination for airplanes or the young at heart who are still fascinated by everything aviation, there are aircraft viewing areas for you to enjoy. Many use these areas as a place to merely observe airplanes to having a picnic with the family. It is a leisurely place to enjoy a good view and spend time with family. Albuquerque International Sunport offers two aircraft viewing areas for your viewing pleasure.

North Aircraft Viewing Area
Esperanza Dodge

The North Aircraft Viewing Area is the more popular of the two as it is easily accessible and sees more action as far as planes than the South Aircraft Viewing Area. Viewers can park along the fence and stay in their car if they wish. Many take a lunch break here while viewing incoming and outgoing planes as well as a great view of both the Sandía mountains and the Monzano mountains. There is an airplane-shaped picnic table under a shaded roof for those who wish to eat their meal outside. They even have helicopter shaped trash cans. You're more likely to see planes on the runway than in the air in this area. This is a great place to be at night at the runway is lit up with beautiful blue lights to guide the planes back to the airport.

The South Aircraft Viewing Area has less cars than the North one but is worth the drive. Those who remember the old viewing area that used to be in this area probably have great memories of being situated atop a hill as humongous planes fly directly overhead and you can view the city lights below. Unfortunately, this area has been closed and been replaced by the new South viewing area. This also sits atop a hill but kicks out cars at sunset. However, in the daytime you still have a fantastic view of the Monzano mountains and the bosque in the South Valley. Try and go during the Fall when the bosque is a fiery yellow color from the leaves changing. The airplanes in this area are a hit or miss. They fly close enough to feel adventurous and there is plenty of room to park in different spots or even walk around. While there be sure to drive around to look at the parked aircrafts in the General Aviation area nearby.

If you get the pleasure to be on a flight leaving from the Albuquerque International Sunport, be sure to leave early to give yourself extra time to sit up in the observation deck. This area is not very well known but is a spectacular place to spend your time waiting for a flight. It's situated on the 2nd floor, accessible by elevator. There are comfy chairs, large windows, chairs and tables and not very many people that inhabit this area. It overlooks the Manzano mountains and several gates. It's the perfect place to sip your coffee in the morning.

Lastly, the Double Eagle II Airport on the Westside may or may not have an aircraft viewing area but is worth a try to find out if you love observing planes.

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