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Aircraft Aviation Fuels

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Aircraft is like any other means of transportation that transports passengers and items to different places around the world.

Aircraft is also a very different means of transportation because of the dangers or hazards of flying and the types of aircraft Fuel, lubricants and hydraulic systems that are a part of the construction and design of a aircraft.

Aircraft use three basic types of aviation fuels that include aviation gasoline, Jet A or JP-5, and Jet B or JP-4 aviation fuel.

Aircraft aviation gasoline is similar to the gasoline used in automobiles and smaller engines but the difference between aviation gasoline and regular gasoline is that aviation gasoline has a higher octane fuel level.

Aircraft Jet A or JP-5 aviation fuel is a kerosene grade fuel and is used for fueling some type military aircraft.

Aircraft Jet B or JP-4 aviation fuel is a blend of gasoline and kerosene and is used for fueling civilian and military aircraft

JP-5 aviation fuel has a somewhat less flammability limit and does not spread as rapid as JP-4 aviation fuel thus by using JP-5 aviation fuel it is a little less explosive than JP-4 aviation fuel and don’t spread as quickly as JP-4 aviation fuel.

All three types of aircraft aviation fuels are considered to be very dangerous and hazardous and all three have different flash points such as gasoline has a -50 flash point, JP-5 aviation fuel has a -10 to +30 flash point, and JP-4 aviation fuel has a flash point of 95 to 145 F.

Most of todays airline companies have extensive guidelines and safety protocols that they must follow and most airline companies have a fairly good safety record, and some people say it is safer to travel by air than by car.

So next time you think about traveling by car or by air you may want to think about the way you are going to get to your destination, either way you decide to travel you may want to make sure your life insurance is paid up and that you are ready to meet your maker.