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Airbrush Tanning is healthier

Solymar Tan spray tanning
Solymar Tan spray tanning

It maybe past Christmas but it's never too late to get your holiday gifts.  Have any of you ever tried airbrush tanning? Forget the horrible sunburns, peeling, awful tan lines and heading to a surf trip pasty pale white. If you have never tried airbrush tanning, I highly recommend it. I recently started a side business called Solymar Tan. You can read all about it online. It has been a hit for last minute holiday gifts, especially since New Year's eve is tomorrow.

I found this great article on about sunless tanning and celebrities. You will be surprised at how many celebrities airbrush tan. All this time you just thought they were perfectly bronzed. Nope, not anymore. Check it out HERE

For all of you who use the toxic tanning beds. You may want to reconsider your finances with a tax that could increase your tanning prices. Read this New York Times article  HERE