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Airbnb squatters Palm Springs: Squatters finally forced to leave

In shocking news, a woman rented out her place for 44 days to a guy. He was supposed to stay the entire time for an extended vacation. One night one, he wants a refund so she gives it to him and expects him to leave, but that is not what happened at all. On Thursday, USA Today shared how this guy refused to leave and stayed for 28 more days. Cory Tschogl finally got him out of there.

Maksym Pashanin was the guy who refused to leave and his brother was living with him there. She sent him a text telling him to leave or the electricity will be shut off. Maksym Pashanin said that he was legally there and planned to stay. He needed electricity to work from home. He even told her he can make over $1,000 on up to $7,000 per day and that he will press charges on her if she turns off the electricity.

He wasn't leaving at all and no matter what she did he wasn't going to go. Now Maksym has finally moved out on his own without a fight. He had squatters rights since he had been there over 30 days so that is part of what helped him to be able to stay. She shared that, "There was nothing really dramatic inside the condo. There was no crazy damages. Everything was actually kind of in order. So it was like, anti-climatic, but in a positive way."

The guy who was staying there actually used Kickstarter to make $40,000 to get a game going on. This game never came out though. It is unknown if it will eventually come out or not.

Reports are that Airbnb tried to help her out, but there isn't much that can be done. Cory will even be responsible for all of the bills while they stayed there. The lawyers are now involved, but at least they are moved out.

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