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Air travel with kids

Drake Settsu

Leave early for the airport in case of any unexpected delays on route. It’s better to arrive early so you are not stressed out and can take your time. You need to keep an eye on the kids when you get dropped off on the curb at the airport making sure they behave and don’t wander into the street. You want to go on vacation not a trip to the emergency room.

Getting through the TSA lines is a chore for an adult and when you add kids to it fun times ahead. Just be organized and calm you will be fine.

When flying with small kids and babies you should look into purchasing seats with more leg room. Airlines are always looking for ways to make more money on consumers and more leg room is one of them. It’s worth the small additional cost for better leg room on flights over five hours long to give you and your kids more room to move around your area. Just make sure someone keeps an eye on the kids in case they want to explore the airplane when you are not looking.

Bring your fully charged laptops, iPads or Android pads with games and movies on them to keep the little ones busy. Most planes have USB outlets to charge smartphones only not pads or laptops. Your smartphone is your backup if the pads and laptops run out of battery power.
Pack snacks in a child backpack that they can carry on the plane so they can have their own supply of goodies to keep track of.

You need to keep the kids engaged during the flight to keep them from getting bored and irritable causing them to make noise and irritate other passenger which is not a good thing.

You made it to baggage claim. Keep an eye on your kids and your baggage when it comes off the carousel. It’s a busy area that thieves could target your baggage when you take your eyes off of them. Tell your kids to help watch your baggage to make them feel useful.

Have a fun vacation.

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