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Air Plants and tea time

If you have been in a rush to make some tea up and were always looking for a companion to keep you company then air plants are just the things for you. If you have never heard of an air plant before, let me tell you all about these guys and how they fit in with tea.

Air plants, which go by the official name Tillandsia, are little succulent like plants with one big difference. They don't need any base to grow out of, so no soil, no rocks no anything needed for them to thrive. This is where their name Air Plant comes from, as they can literally just grow in the air.

Now again you might be wondering what tea has to do with these little plants? Well, the nice thing about these plants is that they can just sit and grow with a bit of water, so just take a nice brew out and hang out with your air plants, they grow nicely, have beautiful colors and can almost take care of themselves, so you can sit and enjoy your tea!

Check around and see where you can pick up your plants as many times there are issues with shipping so sometimes your home and garden stores will have them. If you are in north of the USA just check out this place to get some air plants in Canada .

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