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Air Force scandal: Malmstrom hit with cheating scandal gets 9 officers fired

Malmstrom AFB
Malmstrom AFB

The Air Force scandal at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, regarding cheating on proficiency tests, has resulted in the firing of nine Air Force commanders. The Air Force scandal also resulted in 79 nuclear launch officers being disciplined, according to an ABC News report on Thursday.

The senior officer in charge of the 341st Missile Wing, Colonel Robert Stanley, submitted his resignation on Thursday even though he was not disciplined. He resigned because the nine senior officers involved with the scandal worked directly under his authority. Previously in 2014, Stanley was nominated for a promotion to brigadier general, but he will be retiring instead.

Colonels, lieutenant colonels, and a major comprise the nine senior officers who are involved from the 341st Missile Wing. They have been removed due to a lack of confidence in their performance as leaders – mailing for having not known that the extensive cheating on tests was occurring. Additionally, they are to receive administrative punishments, ending their opportunities for career advancement.

The investigation into the cheating at Malmstrom scrutinized 100 nuclear launch officers for either cheating or knowing of the cheating on regular tests. Now, 200 are being investigated – more than twice the number that was said to be involved with the investigation two months ago.

The 79 Air Force personnel, mostly captains and lieutenants, involved with the cheating will receive disciplinary action which will include letters of reprimand, letters of counseling, non-judicial punishment or even the possibility of being court martialed.

The cheating is believed to have occurred from Nov. 2011 through Nov. 2013. This is just one of numerous scandals that have plagued the Air Force in recent years. Past failings included failed inspections and some personnel falling asleep on the job.

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