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Air Canada passengers exposed to measles in Edmonton

Boy with measles.

Passengers who flew on Air Canada Flight 248 from Vancouver to Edmonton on April 9th may have been exposed to measles according to Alberta Health Services, which has extended the warning to anyone who might have been at Edmonton International Airport during the hours immediately after the Air Canada plane landed at around 9:35 pm all the way through 2 am the next morning. A dozen cases have already been reported in the province.

British Columbia is currently in the grips of a large outbreak, with at least 375 cases so far. There have also been seven confirmed cases in Manitoba, while officials expanded the list of businesses on a Winnipeg street where people may have been exposed to measles, after attending a bull riding show at the MTS Center on Wednesday.and said people who attended a bull-riding event at the MTS Centre last Wednesday . Although the majority of people who contract measles recover, “between 1-3 cases per 1,000 can be fatal,” according to health officials.

Measles is a viral infection that attacks the respiratory system. If not taken care of it can cause middle ear infections, bronchitis, croup and pneumonia. Officials also stated that anyone who has never had measles, or has not had 2 doses of measles vaccine should be conscious of any symptoms that might appear. These include sneezing, runny noses, cough, fever, red eyes that may become light sensitive, white spots on the tongue and throat, and a red rash that spreads from forehead and ears to the rest of the body. Incubation period is generally 7-14 days after exposure. Because measles is highly contagious, people who have any of the above symptoms are being told to stay home and to contact their local health department before visiting a doctor or health care facility.

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