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AION Online is now Live!

The wildly anticipated AION Online has launched today, and myriads of players have already connected to their rapidly filling servers.

In order to prevent servers from getting overcrowded and suffer from latency issues NCSoft has implemented a queuing system that will shuttle players into servers as others leave. The queuing system will continually keep check on each server’s fluctuating population and ease on the throttling when it can. If you are getting a message letting you know that too many users are currently connected, that means that even the queue has filled up.

Things to note for the launch:

- Players are now able to create 8 characters rather than the 2 during preselection.
- If the starting area players are in is a little too crowded for, they can change ‘Channel’ in the Menu next to your mini map. Go to “Support” and then to “Change Channel”.
- Aion now features all three languages French, German and English. To select your language simply right click on Aion within your launcher and go to Properties->Language Options. Please select which languages you wish to download and which you wish Aion to display.
- After analyzing our open beta test results Aion will not feature GameGuard at launch. We will however continue to pursue ways to effectively utilize GameGuard within Aion in the future. Right now we're focused on providing players with the best possible Aion experience.
- The level cap is now level 50 (previously 45).
- Players will be able to reserve 2 character names during Preselection and create 8 characters in total once Head Start begins and beyond.
- Channels will be set to 10 instances for the beginning 2 zones of each faction. Please note that these will be lowered as characters progress and spread throughout Atreia.

Server "themes" are as follows:

Danish - [ENG] Perento
Dutch - [ENG] Gorgos
Finnish - [ENG] Perento
Greek - [ENG] Spatalos
Hungarian - [ENG] Spatalos
Italian - [ENG] Telemachus
Norwegian - [ENG] Perento
Polish - [ENG] Gorgos
Portuguese - [ENG] Gorgos
Spanish - [ENG] Castor / [ENG] Gorgos
Swedish - [ENG] Perento
Czech + Slovak - [ENG] Telemachus
Lithuanian - [ENG] Spatalos
Turkish - [ENG] Spatalos
North America - Role players - [East] Lumiel
Europe - Role players - [ENG] Gorgos
Germany - Role players - [GER] Balder
France - Role players - [FRA] Vidar

Finally, each server will have Race Balancing. If one race on a server grows too large, it sounds like creating a character in that race will be locked until the two sides have balanced out again. You will be able to follow the statistics of your server via the Server Statistics page.

For more information, check out the AION Online website.