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Aio gives group discounts

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Looking to get a good deal when it comes to needing multiple mobile phone lines on one account?

Look no further than Aio Wireless.

On April 16, Alpharettta-based Aio Wireless announced their new Group Save program and it's a great deal for those needing multiple lines on one mobile phone account.

The plan starts when the second phone line is added.

Aio knows mobile phone users want a good value and they have been providing that with their no-contract phones.

This announcement takes it a step further.

“We created Aio to provide affordable options for value-conscious customers. Our new Group Save multi-line discount program is one more way we’re giving customers options to save,” said Andy Smoak, Aio’s AVP, Product Development. “Whether it’s combining several wireless lines of family members, business colleagues or friends, Group Save is delivering discounts our customers deserve.”

Aio customers can create Group Save accounts by combining wireless lines in their same family or group. It can be family or friends who want a value.

The details per Aio Wireless:

Group Save discounts are available on Aio’s $40 and higher plans and customers may combine any mix of qualifying plans on the account. Discounts will increase incrementally with each eligible line on the account beginning with the second eligible line.

Examples - Customer with a $40 and $50 plan receives a $10 monthly discount on line 2 and only pays $80. ∙ Customer with two $40 plans and a $50 plan receives a $30 discount and pays $100 ∙ Customer with four $40 plans receives a $60 discount and pays $100 ∙ Customer with five $50 plans receives a $90 discount and pays $160.

Aio launched in May 2013 and are all about bringing value to its customers through dealer-owned stores in 27 markets in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Texas, and the state of Washington.

Aio is also available to all U.S. customers online at


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