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Aimpoint vs Eotech: Which One Is Better?

Aimpoint vs Eotech
Aimpoint vs Eotech
Aimpoint vs Eotech

Are you into red dot sights? If you have ever used a red dot sight, you will surely know its benefits. As a hunter I like using red dot sights for my expeditions. One of my reasons is that these devices are handy. An Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic is always my choice mainly for two reasons: accuracy and battery life. The Aimpoint PRO mount is a complete package that you can try out. What impresses me about Aimpoint is its battery life. The brand claims that even if you leave the red dot sight on, the battery will last upto 3 years without any glitches! That’s impressive! In reality, the battery performance is actually impressive.

A Little About Red Dot Sights
However, there has been a lot of discussions on Aimpoint and Eotech. Let’s dig into this matter for a while. Red dot sights came and they quickly captured the market with their invincible performance. With time two brands came into the forefront: Aimpoint and Eotech. Both these brands have a serious band of followers. If you browse through the online forums, you will come across some really heated arguments. These devices are used, nowadays, by law enforcement, military, hobbyist and competition shooters.


When you are carrying your hunting gear, weight matters a lot. Convenience is something that is quite essential for hunters. In this regard, the Aimpoint weighs around 6 ounces and the EOTech XPS weighs 8 ounces. Besides, if you are wondering about protection for the lenses then both manufacturers will provide you with strong cases.

This is where the two models differ greatly. In EOTech, the windage and elevation adjustments are out in the open. In Aimpoint they are placed under aluminum caps. From convenience point of view, I find the setting in Aimpoint better. Though the adjustments in EOTech would not change by any chance, but there was no hard in providing proper protections. Next is the brightness adjustment. Aimpoint uses a twist knob whereas EOTEch uses a push knob. Here too Aimpoint scores because of its usage.

Third is the reticle. This is, perhaps, the most important part folks. EOTech has a holographic reticle where Aimpoint sports a reflex sight. While contemplating practical use,s there is not much difference between these two. The difference lies in their MOA: Aimpoints has a 2 or 4 MOA dot reticle and EOTech is a 1 MOA dot surrounded by a 65MOA ring. People say that accuracy is dependent on this factor. but this notion is open to much debate.

Mounting System
Finally is the mounting system. EOTech provides its own mounting system. The best part about this is you do not need to spend extra dollars for mounts. But you need to buy an Aimpoint PRO mount. There are various kinds of mounts available for Aimpoint. You can choose according to your convenience. There are arguments where people say that aimpoint’s system is better as you get to choose. On the other hand, EOTech offers no scope for alteration. Here I would leave it to the users. For me Aimpoint works but cost is an issue always. If you can adapt to EOTech, it’s fine, otherwise you might have to shell out some more!

Battery life is what differentiates both the sights. Aimpoint’s battery life is unbeatable (as I explained earlier). EOTech’s will last for a few hundreds hours. It is for this reason that Aimpoint is a choice for many hunters.

Whoever claims that red dot sights are cheap is wrong. They are not cheap, guys. They are just more affordable than the expensive rifle scopes. Both these brands are costly. Both are rugged and compact in design. The quality of lens is at par as well.

If you consider both the red dot sights objectively, each has its own set of advantages. Yet some would prefer the Aimpoint and other EOTech. There are only two departments where Aimpoint scores better than EOTech: battery and accuracy. Finally, the choice is yours.

I would love if you guys put in your thoughts about these devices as well!

Happy hunting!

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