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Aiming to be a trend setter: Setting new goals and new trends

Share you favorite life's treasures with Carol across social media on #treasuredtuesdays
Share you favorite life's treasures with Carol across social media on #treasuredtuesdays
Carol Ruth Weber

With age comes wisdom but, alas, also aches and pains. I like to wear my pains as if medals won in the battle of continuing to set out to find more wondrous things that I may discover and learn from. Now "being on trend", or "the trend" are not new statements in themselves but in the decade of the 2010's the word trend has taken on an entirely new meaning then simply keeping up with the trendy fashion or saying of the moment.

Like groovy man being a trend setter is the coolest!

Social media is blinking at us every second as if strobe lights screaming out "notice me now". YouTube has made it easy for anyone to produce a video with the goal to become an instant star and trend setter. Posting selfies has proven to certainly be the top of all trends when the President of the United States is smiling to be part of the social scenery posting selfies with personal hash tags.

As I watch and learn I am inspired to start my own selfie trends with my own hash tags. I figured that with "Throw Back Thursday" being such a huge success why not use the other days of the week for inspired postings as well. I began this week with "Selfie Sundays"; #selfiesundays (#ss for short). For my immediate group of friends it was a fun way to connect on Facebook and Twitter to see how everyone was spending their Sunday.

check out my YouTube video desribing my trending debut

Mark today, May 6, 2014, as the start of the "Treasured Tuesdays" trend

I am working my trend setting mojo by taking the initiative and beginning a hot new hashtag social media trend called "Treasured Tuesdays"; #treasuredtuesdays (#tdt for short). We all have treasured moments, treasured decor, treasured fashion, treasured people and I want to set up a forum for all of us to have a special day to share with others our special treasures.

So get ready to post the photos, videos, stories, poetry, songs and whatever else you may hold as a hidden treasure. Treasured Tuesdays is for all to take out their most treasured joys from their figurative chests and share them across the social media channels of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Instagram with the hashtag #treasuredtuesdays or #tdt

I'll show you mine, now you show me yours.

I am officially beginning #treasuredtuesdays by posting a pic of my most treasured person in my life, my daughter, Hannah. This is only the beginning of my personal treasures that I will be sharing for #tdt. Stay tuned for my treasured decor and fashion finds and treasured items that I cannot do without.

I can't wait to see everyone's favorite life treasures, so pass on the treasures and see what gilded treasures come your way as we all share our baubles of treasures with one another. Put the treasures in the spotlight of #treasuredtuesdays and let them have their moment to shine. Never be afraid to dance.

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