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AIDS in Children

Greetings - this is a little bit of a departure for me.  

I wanted to highlight the effect of AIDS in children in the emerging markets.  One day, driving on I95, i heard a radio report from NPR of one of my personal heroes, Thembi Ngubani from South Africa.  She contracted AIDS at the age of 16.  Instead of just letting it take control of her life, she took control as much as she could.  She met with then-President Clinton and then-Senator Obama.  She addressed the South African Parliament to stop ignoring this scourge and start taking action - and they have.  She died at the age of 24. 

The picture is of a PRA team run in Fairfield, CT to raise funds for this cause.

UNICEF is supporting this effort.  I cannot even calculate the emotional, social and - since I am an economist - the economic effect of this disease.  Please join us and UNICEF in trying to fight this disease with even a small donation.  Hit the URL above and listen to her testament to determination.  Hit the URL below to donate.

C'mon.  Please.  $5?

Maurice Johnson

203 450 2498

Post Road Advisors is an advisor, financial arranger and investor in emerging markets to foster development.  And we want to stop abuse of and development of AIDS in children everywhere.