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AHVMF may impact your Pet's health

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What is the AHVMF and how could it impact your Pet’s health?

AHVMF stands for “American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation”.

This foundation Supports Education, Research, and Scholarships in Integrative Holistic Veterinary Medicine.

The Foundation was established to receive and administer funds for research and education in all aspects of integrative medicine, especially as it pertains to that part which is called holistic, alternative, or complementary veterinary medicine. The Foundation concentrates on 3 aspects: scholarships for veterinary students who are interested in this branch of veterinary medicine, research in this aspect of veterinary medicine, and support for the use of and education in this branch in veterinary schools.

The Foundation was established to:

  • Support students interested in holistic veterinary medicine
  • Support research in holistic veterinary medicine
  • Acquaint the public with items that impact holistic veterinary medicine
  • Support those who want to contribute

The Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit foundation

Why is this foundation important to you? Because it concerns the health & well being of your pet's health.

Perhaps you have a challenge at the present time, perhaps have already experienced a challenge and won the battle or perhaps the need for an alternative option may unfold in your future.

The foundation does the work to seize the opportunities of what alternative health can do for the animals.

Have you personally experienced a health challenge. If you are like me, I began seeking knowledge in various arenas to find a resolve.

Perhaps a chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopath, massage therapist, nutritional consultant, herbalist, homeopathic etc. This is considered “alternative”.

Well this is the same concept with all the options, but for the “furry ones”

The foundation opens the doors for your pet’s to have options that have been tested and proven that could have a significant impact on their health and well being. We all want that option.

This form of medicine has saved the lives of not only my own personal animals, but I have witnessed countless miracles since my work in this arena.

Inspiring stories about (animal) patients who have been helped by Integrative Medicine are available on their site. I encourage you to take a moment and read some of them.

Alternative Medicine gives more quality to a life and many times a happy ending.

They need our help to continue their work.

Once a year, there is a fund raising campaign, that time is now

Any amount helps, Just $12 for a year can change the future

Click here today; Please

Help us Help Others: It’s all about “love”

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