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AHS Evan Peters and Emma Roberts engaged

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts are engaged!
Photo by Michael Loccisano

Just six months after "American Horror Story" star Evan Peters and girlfriend Emma Roberts made headlines for a violent scuffle in a Montreal hotel room (she was arrested, click here to read more), the couple is engaged (according to Extra). Roberts, known for roles as a teen in "Nancy Drew" and "Hotel for Dogs," and later "Scream 4," is niece of Hollywood superstar/Oscar winner Julia Roberts and daughter of Oscar/Golden Globe nominated actor Eric Roberts.

A wedding date hasn't been announced, but Extra said Roberts is sporting a pink gold diamond ring. The question was popped in NYC before Peters and Roberts took off for London for New Years. The two started dating in 2012 after meeting on the set of indie film “Adult World,” which stars John Cusack and Roberts, and by summer, were often spotted together. (Click here to read more.) Peters and Roberts then appeared together in the works of incredible photographer Tyler Shields, a Jacksonville native.

Last May, "AHS" creators cast Roberts to appear alongside her beau in the show's third (current) witch-themed season, Coven. After a smattering of television and movie roles (click here to read more), Peters rose to fame in 2011 with his prominent role in "AHS" season one (Murder House) as Tate Langdon, love interest for Taissa Farmiga's Violet Harmon. Audiences were captivated by the romance, doomed since Tate was not only a ghost but also, to Violet's dismay and the shock of audiences across the country, revealed mid-season to be the murderous rapist known as The Rubber Man. (Click here to read more.)

The anthology show's second season, Asylum, turned the tables. Peters played Kit Walker, accused as serial killer Bloody Face but later vindicated, to become the season's hero. (Click here to read more.) Farmiga didn't appear in Asylum but was brought back for Coven. Before the season started, fans speculated on whether Peters' character Kyle would woo his real life love, Roberts (Madison in Coven), or his on-screen love from Murder House, Farmiga (Zoe in Coven). Only AHS's twisted minds would throw the three of them together. (Click here to read more.) In Head, the last episode of Coven to air, Kyle indicated a preference for Zoe.

Coven, after episode 9 of 13, finds both Kyle and Madison dead and resurrected. Madison herself attached the severed body parts to Kyle's head to form a sort of Frankenstein after his death in a bus accident she caused with psychokinesis. Supreme witch Fiona (Jessica Lange) killed Madison and rejuvenating witch Misty Day (Lily Rabe) brought her back to life. Misty surely will be featured prominently in tomorrow night's episode, The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks, since Nicks is her idol. Click here to read more.

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