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'AHS: Coven' finale - will Glenn Close be the next Supreme?

Will Glenn Close appear in the Coven season finale, or was that just a rumor?
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images for GREY GOOSE.

The big mystery of Coven, the third season of "American Horror Story," has been who will replace Fiona (Jessica Lange) as the next Supreme witch. Tension rises with the approach of tonight's episode, the season finale entitled The Seven Wonders.

Will the new Supreme be Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), bringing the plot full circle since the season opened with her arrival at the school? Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) since she's the least likely? Or maybe Nan (Jamie Brewer) will rise from the dead. Pretty much everyone else has this season. Also possible Fiona isn't dead at all, and she'll return, kill off the Coven and remain the Supreme.

Creator Ryan Murphy tweeted Monday, "This Wednesday...maybe Madonna is the new Supreme." Well, the show goes so out there that one never knows, but this certainly must be a joke -- in honor of the pop star's participation in the marriage equality segment on the Grammy Awards on Sunday. (Check out this article from The Guardian Liberty Voice for details.)

Previous to Murphy's tweet, no press indicated that pop superstar Madonna would appear on Coven, but early this month, after IMDb listed Glenn Close as part of the cast for The Seven Wonders, articles appeared (Broadway World, Enstars, and others). Since then, IMDb has removed the listing from the page of the award-winning actress. Given the other high caliber actresses featured this season - Lange, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Patti LuPone, Frances Conroy and Mare Winningham - maybe Coven has one more up its sleeve?

Close would be a welcome addition for the season finale, bringing her wicked nature from her roles as Cruella de Vil in "101 Dalmatians" and as Alex, the ultimate stalker, in "Fatal Attraction." However, fans would feel thoroughly ripped off after all this guessing about the new Supreme if the show brought in someone new to fill that role.

If not as the new Supreme, how might Close (should she appear) fit in? Well, the IMDb listing showed her character name as Ophelia. Shakespeare's Ophelia (from "Hamlet") proves one of the most intriguing and enigmatic personalities to emerge from his work, often depicted in art. Although her mother denies it, readers generally interpret her death as a suicide. Will Close appear only to kill herself?

Paulson portrays Cordelia, the name of another famed female Shakespearean character (from "King Lear"). Maybe Close's appearance will somehow relate to her. During Shakespeare's play, Cordelia's father banishes her, his youngest and, until that time, favorite child. His older, wicked daughters eventually turn on him, and then Cordelia returns, only to be executed shortly afterwards. Like Coven's Cordelia, she's unappreciated and misunderstood by her parent. Perhaps like the Shakespeare character, Cordelia will be recognized as the Supreme and then killed?

Since these final episodes include clues to the new theme for the upcoming fourth season, fans guess about that too. (Click here to read more.) Lots of speculation. What IS known (according to the currently posted IMDb credits for tonight's episode) - back tonight will be Papa Legba (Lance Reddick) and Stevie Nicks (who appeared as herself in Episode 10). The next Supreme is anyone's guess. Tune in to FX tonight at 10 Eastern to find out which witch rises to power.

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