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Ahhhh, the Silky

Have you ever seen a baby run the silky satin trim of a blanket, through their fingers? That's a Silky!

Newborns appreciate the calming effect of slippery satin
So simple, why not? A Satin Blanket of love and comfort

It's a much under-utilized tool, for soothing a newborn baby...and the challenging months ahead.

Something so simple, so easy, so utilitarian and chic, all in one; should be written about in every baby book and magazine, but it's rare, if ever, you hear about the "Silky"!

Yet, here and there you'll see a glimpse of a tattered piece of cloth, sporting a much worn rim of satin binding, The Silky.

So, you want a happier baby, the baby likes the satin, and so it stands to reason...a blanket made of satin makes perfect sense.

You don't need a sewing machine, a needle and thread work fine. One square yard sewn to another square yard! A giant pillow case you sew shut. That's it; and on trips, and hot days, and scarey nights, your baby has a comforting blanket of silky softness to run through her newly maneuvering fingers. He can glide his toes across the satin and nuzzle the corner near his face at the same time. They love it. No waiting for a fussy baby in need of 'something' !, to find that little strip of silky fascination to amuse themselves; they have a whole yard of it!

It's a tool, and a relatively easy one to obtain! The results are indisputable, babies love that silky feeling and enjoy playing with it, months before any toy or bottle becomes accessible to those tiny hands thrashing about! They LOVE it. Something they can handle!

Like Linus and his blanket, keep it clean and smelling nice....and feeling delightfully slippery! and keep a spare, because they love it...and it works wonders when they have it. So why make them go without?

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