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Ahead of time reservations vs. walk-ins. Is one better than the other?

Should you of called ahead to make a hotel reservation?

Would you take that chance and just show up in a city that you do not know, hoping to find a sufficient hotel to rest in for the night.
Most certainly you may, if you are looking for an adventure.
If there are big events locally you may be in for a surprise.
Hotels book up quicker than the consumer may think.
Be smart, research, and book ahead of time to save time and hassle and possibly some big money.
Hotels can jack prices up by 20% or more when they have local events during your stay. If you are not checking the prices at multiple times before you book, you could be paying more than that room is really worth.

Research, research, research!

Are hotels near attractions you want to visit a better value than ones a mile or more farther away? Are any meals covered at the hotel or shuttles to popular attractions to help compensate the costs. Be sure to look for ar ask these and any other questions you have to get the best value and stay.Do not be afraid to call hotels direct and ask questions and possibly get a better rate with a better room. Many hotels do have discounts that are not advertised, but the bottom rate must be asked for from the consumer. Most of the time you can call the hotel direct to see about bargaining a better rate for your stay.

Online reservations offer many discounts to the consumer as well, you just have to know where to look and what codes to apply on the websites. Many hotel reservation websites exists today, each offering the consumer a different prospective on the reservation process.

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