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Aham Smith: Bringing His Soul to Country Music

New artist is blending two genres, taking the world by storm
Aham Smith

It takes real courage to be able to step out and do what you love, not knowing how others will receive it.

For recording artist Aham Smith, however, this came easier than some might think. Though he started off doing blue-style acoustic sets with his brother, a friend of his family suggested that he try his hand at country music? Though he was apprehensive at first, after listening to some cover songs Aham could actually see himself relating to the stories and the set was planted.

Today he is sharing his own mixture of Country Soul music with the world, but for him he is just creating and sharing the kind of music that he loves.

During a recent interview with Conversations LIVE radio show he says that having the chance to work with Grammy-award producer Larry Butler did a lot to help his confidence when singing songs. He also says its just in him to do whatever it is that he loves and currently that includes songs like COUNTRY WALKIN' and YOU GOT ME, which he introduced during the interview---both of which are available on

Though tour plans are in the works, it is clear that Aham Smith will continue to be an artist that sings from the heart and is able to connect with individuals through the songs he is creating.

Stay in touch with Aham on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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