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Ah, the gay marriage debate

I was reading this article and wondering just why it was considered news that the pope hugged and kissed some children. I also wonder why people find it to be such a moving event. A pope isn't a real thing. It's something people made up.

Many people will see that someone high in the catholic hierarchy was kissing children and immediately think "of course, they're all pedophiles", but I won't go there this time. I'll take the high road. It seems to me that people all over the world worship the pope. As far as I'm concerned, they can worship whoever or whatever they want, but worship seems like a very mentally unhealthy thing to do. When people worship, they put someone else's desires (or an inanimate object's imaginary desires) over their own needs. People will refuse life saving surgery to avoid offending the god they worship.

Worst of all, people will refuse basic rights to groups they hate based on the whims of the deity they worship. That's right, I'm talking about gay marriage. Who isn't? Obviously, I'm in favor of it. The only reasons to be against it are religious, and the supreme court has already said that religious convictions can't be the basis of american law.

I heard on NPR that young people in the united states are overwhelmingly in favor of allowing same sex couples to get married. It seems it's just the older folks who are holding back society's progress. It seems like this is a historical time, not just for gay rights, but also for the issue of the separation of church and state. Opponents of the separation (also known as idiots) claim that the words "separation of church and state" don't appear anywhere in the constitution. While this is true, Thomas Jefferson wrote that the establishment of a "wall of separation" is what he had in mind when he wrote the first amendment. He and his colleagues knew that allowing the government to become entangled with religion could only mean less liberty for the people.

The basic right for two people to share their lives with each other and to have their relationship taken seriously is extremely important, and it is one everyone should have.


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