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Agua Bandita goes bananas for Carmen Miranda on the Runway

Agua Bandita is a local favorite for swimwear and beach accessories. This year's runway theme was Carmen Miranda. The famous Brazilian singer, dancer, actress and personality from the 1940's is best known for her signature hat festooned with tropical fruit and has become the trademark image of Chiquita bananas.

Pineapple designs echo the Carmen Miranda theme of the Agua Bandita collection
K. Eckland
Agua Bandita channels Carmen Miranda
K. Eckland

Her image was emblazoned on both the runway set and much of the apparel. The remainder of the collection consisted of brightly colored, festively themed items with pineapples, parrots and other tropical motifs.

The Agua Bandita brand

This Colombian brand was created in 2003 by Catalina Álvarez and Mariana Hinestroza, , and has since expanded to fourteen stores within Colombia. Internationally, Agua Bandita has locations in Florida, St. Barts, Mexico, Aruba, Venezuela, Barbados and Uruguay. The Agua Bendita collections are also carried by numerous retailers all around the globe including numerous retailers in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia.

In comparison to the bright, lively styles of Agua Bandita, Onda de Mar is the more low-key, classic option.

Onda de Mar

Onda de Mar swim and beachwear had their own runway at Colombia Moda this year. In their 13th year, this Colombian brand has received extensive press, from an Instagram of Paris Hilton wearing one of their bikinis, to the pages of InStyle, People and Cosmopolitan. Known more for their low key, classic and casual styles, Onda de Mar's collection is more simple than either Agua Bandita or Beverly Hills. There is less embellishment and more use of color and classic lines to define their look. The style is less glitz, more along the lines of their competitor, Nilos. Onda de Mar has multiple locations in Colombia and the United States.

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