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'AGT' 2014 Semifinals results: The second six acts advance to the Finals

It's that time of the "America's Got Talent" season when all the fluff and filler during the results show just doesn't seem to matter, so we were all hoping Nick Cannon would give us an elimination before the first ten minutes were up this week -- right? Of course, at the same time, we knew he wouldn't. Still, jumping off with a new song by Maroon 5 is better than a recap after the hour-long recap that just played. And even though it took until 20 minutes after the hour to get to an elimination, we weren't going anywhere, were we? So who made it through?

After Maroon 5 performed "Maps" from their just released (Aug. 29) album V, which Bill King described in his Sept. 3 recap of the results show for Buddy TV as just another hit in their hit-a-day march since they started charting (an exaggeration, but he has a point: Maroon 5 never seems to not have a hit song on the radio), and the inevitable recap, we are told that the three acts up for America's Snapple Save vote are hand balancer Christian Stoinev, magician Smoothini, and shadow dancing duo Blue Journey. Two of the acts shouldn't even be there -- Blue Journey should have been voted through and Christian's act the night before was a big hunk of cheese, so he forfeited his position to someoone else. For that matter, Smoothini didn't impress as much as he could have with something other than sleight-of-hand on Tuesday night's Semifinals (Top 24) performance night. All this means as that at least one deserving act won't be going through to the Finals.

After a trip to the Reddi Wip After Party and the Snapple Lounge, host Nick Cannon is ready. First up: salsa dance troupe Baile Conmigo and acrobats AcroArmy. If last night's near perfect routine by AcroArmy wasn't enough to get them through, nothing ever will be. After the dramatic pause, AcroArmy finds out they're in the Finals.

Then it's more filler with Judges Heidi Klum and Mel B having a little girls dress-up glam-off. (There's a few minutes, people, you'll never get back, which is why you should watch the "AGT" results shows with a good book in hand, tuning in when Nick starts talking about acts moving on.)

And then the second set of finalists are up: Cellist duo Emil & Dariel, singer Kelli Glover, and comedian Wendy Liebman. Since Wendy was a callback Wild Card and Kelli was just plain awful with her Beyonce cover (it's not very good as a Beyonce original, either, so...), you just know Emil & Dariel will advance. When Nick calls their names, it truly is no surprise.

Then -- can you believe it? -- more filler. This time, instead of watching Howie Mandel in disguise and pulling pranks, it's Howie and Mel B teaming up to pull a psychic routine gag. Playing off of Mel B's insistence that she is a little bit psychic, she accepted some one-on-one time with some fans and acted as if she were divining things. Meanwhile, Howie has employed family members of the unsuspecting "clients" to give him personal information, which he feeds to Mel B via a receiver in her ear. Each "client" is impressed with what seems to be true psychic abilities on Mel B's part. At the same time, the families are laughing, watching their loved ones being made into gullible fools. (An admission: Now, this was filler that wasn't half bad -- especially watching Mel B dance and hum and rub the faces of her "clients" to get them to follow her lead.)

Next up: singer Jonah Smith and magician Mat Franco are singled out to hear their fate. A few seconds later and Mat Franco finds he has advanced to the Finals. Nick Cannon quickly moves to the next set: Quintavious Johnson and Jaycob Curlee. Another dramatic pause and Quintavious Johnson hears his name.

With four names out of the way, it's down to the Snapple Save. So who did America vote through? When last we saw the real-time votes in the bar graph stretching across the bottom of the television screen, Blue Journey was ahead of the nearest finalist by roughly twenty points. In the interim, they managed to hold on to that lead and were told they were in the Top 12, the Finals.

Two acts to go and it was time for the judges to make their decision of which act it would be -- hand balancer Christian Stoinev or magician Smoothini. Even though the judges gave him a bit of flak for his seeming lackadaisical performance on Tuesday night (Judge Howard Stern called it "lazy" and said he was in "this predicament" because he was strength act and his dog was an "accent," implying that he had relied too much on his dog Scooby and lost votes).

So the Top 12 have been named, and the Finals begin next week. Who's going to win it? We'll find out in a couple weeks. Until then, we're along for the ride. "America's Got Talent" airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (EST) on NBC Television.

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