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'AGT' 2014 Semifinals: A 'Seven Nation Army' can't hold Miguel Dakota back

Say what you want about "America's Got Talent" finalist Miguel Dakota, but he definitely has stage presence, charisma, and great singing voice. You don't have to be over-the-moon about the young man like Judge Mel B. to know that he has everything necessary to become a very popular pop star -- the "full package" it is called. And on Tuesday night's Semifinals (Top 24), he proved it.

In Todd Betzold's recap of the show for Reality Rewind on Aug. 26, he noted that the young singer was "yummy," something that would no doubt garner him a few votes (along with his singing), but he found Miguel just a bit "disconnected" from the lyrics. Betzold was pretty much in agreement with Judge Howard Stern's assessment when he admitted that Miguel Dakota had it all, including good hair and screaming girls, but there was something missing he couldn't put his finger on. He said the performance was a snoozer. Perhaps it was the disconnect.

That is, if they're correct. For most people, including the other three judges, Miguel Dakota's powerful rendition of The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" was quite good. It was exciting. You could tell he got into it -- he tore off his toboggan and let his hair hang loose. And most telling was the missing muted sound of chalkboard scrapings that is Jack White's voice on lead vocals. Instead, we heard a full-throated belting of smooth power, like a more velvety version of Jim Morrison's tones (and kind of Tom Jones-ish).

What had Howard Stern actually heard? He hadn't heard what the other "AGT" judges heard, that's for certain.

Regardles, Judge Heidi Klum totally disagreed with him. She told host Nick Cannon, Miguel, and the world that she believed "America's new heartthrob" had arrived.

Judge Howie Mandel says he thinks Howard is wrong in his assessment. He thinks that Miguel does have everything (just like Howard) but isn't lacking anything. He says that Miguel could go on to win the million-dollar prize.

Judge Mel B. was beside herself, radiantly energized by Miguel's presence (like she always is, this time grinning goofily and toying with her fingers like an expectant schoolgirl). She heads to the opposite side of descriptions from Howard Stern as well, telling Miguel he has that "extra special something" and "star quality."

So what does America think? Thus far, Miguel does not seem to have had a problem advancing in the competition. He most likely won't again this time around, making him a lock for the Top 12 (the Finals). Besides, we all know that Howard Stern is head-over-heels for singer Emily West (who performed last on the Semifinals show). He literally gushes with praise every time she performs. So... back-handed compliments could be the shock jock's way of providing a bit of an edge for his favorite.

We'll all find out on the "America's Got Talent" eliminations results show Wednesday night at 9 p.m. (EST) on NBC Television if America agrees with the majority of judges and the screaming girls or with Judge Howard Stern.

UPDATE: On the results show, Miguel Dakota advanced to the Top 12, the fourth act of the night to do so. His name was called out by host Nick Cannon just seconds after Emily West got the good news that she was headed to the Finals.

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