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'AGT' 2014 results: Ariana Grande rocks, the first six acts named to the finals

After a somewhat exciting first round of Semifinals Tuesday night, "America's Got Talent" got down to the business of cutting six of the 12 acts that made the Top 24 Wednesday night on the live eliminations show. Well, they got down to it after packing up the first half of the show with filler, that is. The best part of things being done that way was that all of the results came in a continuous stream at the end of the show. So who went through to the Top 12, otherwise known as the Finals? Who got eliminated?

In Bill King's recap of the results show for Buddy TV Aug. 27, he pointed out something that America most likely felt as well -- he was in disagreement with much in the judges' critiques. Such as their praise for Mara Justine's "all-over-the-place Kelly Clarkson impersonation," something also touched upon by Examiner's recap as well. With the judges' split all night, he noted that the results could be a "crapshoot."

Without any delay, host Nick Cannon directed everyone's attention to the Radio City Music Hall stage as this year's New Artist Grammy winner and up-and-coming pop star Ariana Grande slinked into her platinum-selling hit, "Break Free," in thigh-high stockings and sparkly mini-dress. You can't understand much of what she's saying, but she does look cute in her cat's ears and she at least puts on a decent show for the live audience. Nick hit the stage at song's end to prompt everyone to buy the former "iCarly" star's latest album, My Everything, which was released Friday (Aug. 22).

Then it was the inevitable recaps and questions-and-answers, time filler that nobody really cares about. Also, Nick announced the Snapple Save, the real-time audience participation vote that anyone could get in on via their Google account. The three acts that received the fifth, sixth, and seventh number of votes and in need of a Save were: singer Mara Justine, aerial acrobats Aerial Animation, and magicians David & Leeman.

Then more filler. A trip to the Reddi Wip After Party room to talk to the twelve finalists that competed in Round 1 of the Semifinals.

Finally, after nearly twenty minutes, Nick called jump rope acrobats Flight Crew Jump Rope, dance troupe Bad Boys of Ballet, and magician Mike Super. Its bad news for one of the Wild Cards (all three were Wild Card choices chosen by three of the four "AGT" judges; only Judge Howard Stern's choice was scheduled for Round 2). And the first act named to the Finals (Top 12) was... Mike Super. Judge Howie Mandel's pick thanked him and the audience for getting him into the Finals and Judge Howie gave himself a big verbal pat on the back for being "an amazing judge."

Then more filler. This time it's Howie Mandel in disquise again (as an usher at Radio City Music Hall) in a video clip getting people to do ridiculous things just to be seated.

Back to the results. Nick called hand balancer Andrey Moraru and music artist Sons of Serendip to center stage. After the obligatory longer-than-necessary pause, Sons of Serendip heard their name.

More filler. A talk with comedian Dan Naturman and Paul Ieti in the Snapple Lounge. Then Nick and the judges talk with a few people on the Internet, the last of which is former "America's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan, who asked Howard, Heidi, and Mel B. if they agree that Howie Mandel is the most annoying person in the world. Mel B. wholeheartedly agreed, saying she had to sit next to "it." Howie admitted to planning making Piers' days on "AGT" memorable by planning things he knew "bothered" the Englishman. But Howard Stern not only got Piers to admit he missed Howie ("like you miss the dentist," Piers said) but disagreed with the concensus, saying he found Howie "talented and delightful."

The next results were then revealed. Singers Emily West, Paul Ieti, Miguel Dakota, and comedian Dan Naturman were called to the front of the stage. The third act going through was... Emily West. With little delay, the fourth act going through was also named: Miguel Dakota, who was nearly tackled by the comedian as he hugged him. Judge Mel B., who seems to be a bit taken with the young singer, let him know that he had star quality and he would do well just to keep doing what he was doing.

Afterward, Nick called the three finalists up for the Snapple Save to the stage. With voting closed, the votes fell in Mara Justine's favor and she became the fifth finalist named to the Top 12.

After the break, it was the judges' turn to decide which of the two remaining acts -- Aerial Animation and David & Leeman -- would make it through. With time running out and credits rolling, Judge Howard Stern voted David & Leeman, making the three votes (and a fourth unnecessary) and the last slot was filled.

Round 2 of the Semifinals airs next week on Tuesday at 9 p.m. (EST) on NBC Television.

The results and the naming of the second half of the "America's Got Talent" Top 12 finalists will follow on Wednesday night at 9 p.m.

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