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'AGT' 2014 Quarterfinals results: Round 3 of Top 48 yields 5 Semifinalists

At the end of the eliminations results show on "America's Got Talent" Wednesday night, the show shed another seven acts and sent five more into the upcoming Semifinals (the Top 20). Unfortunately, and somewhat unlike the previous two rounds of the Quarterfinals (Top 48), this group shed several acts that, if they had been on one of the other episodes, most likely would have made the Semifinals themselves.

As Reality Rewind recapped Aug. 13, it was a "night of strong performances," something that the "America's Got Talent" judges noted as well during the performances. Host Nick Cannon even made mention at the top of the results episode the fact that it was one of the best night's the show had ever had. It was a major comeback given the totally lackluster performances by roughly half of the acts during Round 2.

The first set up for elimination: the band Sons of Serendip and dance troupe Cornell Bhangra. Given the audience's response to the Cornell Bhangra on Tuesday night, it was difficult to see them up for elimination. And no way was Sons of Serendip headed home. Right?

Right. The Sons of Serendip, a quartet with "soothing" melodies that made Judge Howie Mandel "feel so good!" Tuesday night, were the first act of Round 3 to make the Semifinals.

After a segue into the Reddi Wip lounge, the second set of contestants were called: shadow dancers Blue Journey, singing duo Finian and Kiernan Makepeace, and animation dancers Dragon House "The Agents." Of the three, there was no doubt who would go through, if one simply went by the reaction of the judges the night before. And they had gushed over Blue Journey.

And Blue Journey it was that got America's votes...

Another seque -- into the Snapple lounge this time. Then set three of the eliminations: singers Paul Ietti and Anna Clendening. If you went by judges reactions Tuesday -- positive for Clendening, lukewarm for Ieti -- the singing soldier was in trouble. But when Nick Cannon revealed the act going through, it wasn't Anna Clendening.

Next up: Since it was "Alumni Week" of the Quarterfinals, last year's runner-up Taylor Williamson, the quirky comic that had the most difficult time get Judge Heidi Klum to laugh, presented a short video clip of an update of his life, which included his "girlfriend," Heidi Klum. The 2013 winner, Kenichi Ebina, borrowed both Judge Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum as extras in his dance/martial arts interactive routine.

Then, back to eliminating worthy acts...

Fourth set of finalists: hand balancer Christian Stoinev (and his dog Scooby) and comedienne Wendy Liebman. Liebman had a great comedic routine (Judge Howard Stern would lament her being eliminated, even though Christian Stoinev had been his favorite act Tuesday night).

Nick Cannon immediately went to the final three acts: The act eliminated and not getting a chance to be selected by the judges was... Adrian Romoff.

Which left mystifier Mike Super and acrobats AcroArmy. In a 3-to-1 decision, with Judge Howie Mandel casting the only opposing vote, AcroArmy was sent through to the Semifinals.

Now, it is here that host Nick Cannon showed his fatherly skills, for young Adrian Romoff, visibly disappointed at being voted off the show, hung his head. Nick said, "It's okay. Hold your head up, big guy. Hold on, hold on, hold on," he said, the music starting up to usher the latest elimination from the stage. It quieted. The little guy looked puzzled, surprised. "You guys make some noise for my man," Cannon said, putting his arm around little Adrian's shoulders. A small smile crept onto the boy's face. All four "AGT" judges got to their feet. "You had a good time on this show, right?" When Adrian acknowledged he had, Cannon added, "You got everybody on their feet. America loves you. And you what else? Something tells me you're gonna go on and do big things." He then predicted he would invent the next iPod.

Something about that emotional rescue on Nick Cannon's part speaks well to his being a parent. Mariah Carey, Cannon's wife, has nothing to worry about when the kids are left with dad, it would seem.

Who would have made it had they performed in Round 1 or Round 2?

Adrian Romoff, for one. He's a virtuoso pianist at the age of 9. And he's precociously adorable. Anna Clendening, the young singer with the anxiety disorder, has an odd lilt to her voice, making her memorable. And she still has the best singing competition rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" yet. Mike Super, the magician with the ghostly friend (Desmond), is a well-prepared magician. And both sets of dancers, Cornell Bhangra and Dragon House "The Agents" are phenomenal at what they do. Any of these acts might have made it through had they been positioned within the other two sets of twelve acts.

Unfortunately, they were not. Of course, there might be some sort of "wild card" surprise before the season gets to the finale, some rule twist that could bring a few of those eliminated back for another shot, so there is still hope that the eliminated could get a second chance.

We can only hope...

"America's Got Talent" airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 p.m. (EST) on NBC Television.

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