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'AGT' 2014 Quarterfinals results: 5 more advance, Semifinalist list complete?

Wednesday night's eliminations results show of "America's Got Talent" only confirmed what anyone watching the night before already knew: Most of the acts going through to the Semifinals would be music acts. Not that there weren't several good acts on Tuesday night's performance episode at New York's Radio City Music Hall, just that the best acts happened to be singers -- oh, and those two young guys rocking the cellos. Anyway, the five finalists completed the list for the Semifinals -- well, except for the four acts the judges will bring back. Still, twenty of the acts comprising the Top 24 have been named.

So how did we get from 15 finalists to 20?

By wasting a lot of time -- a lot of time. As Buddy TV recapped the results episode on Aug. 20, the show was 20 minutes old by the time host Nick Cannon finally got to eliminating a couple acts and sending one to the Semifinals. What happened prior to that? Recaps. Ice bucket challenges. The "America's Got Talent" judges talking. Nick talking. Nick talking to contestants.

But -- now, and at last -- three acts up for advancement or elimination: Cellists Emil and Dariel, card-throwing triplets Dom The Bom's Triple Threat (do these guys need to work on a name for their act or what?), and dance troupe Extreme. Not surprising in the least is Nick Cannon's announcement that Emil and Dariel are headed to the Semifinals.

Quickly, quickly, Nick names two more acts: Bad Boys of Ballet and Jonah Smith. Also not a shocker as Jonah Smith hears his name.

And moving right along (this is what happens when you waste live television minutes on unnecessary recaps of the night before -- as if an hour of NBC programming wasn't already dedicated to a recap show prior to the live results show), Quintavious Johnson and Mothmen Dance are called to center stage. After Quintavious' powerhouse performance the night before, he's a lock. (And he was...)

Taylor Williamson was back on the show for a second week. This time round he actually performed live. He joked about being close to winning the million last year -- one Japanese dancer away. He also noted that he at least got a kiss from Judge Heidi Klum -- on the lips, then quickly added he would have rather had the million. All in good fun, Judge Heidi pouted and laughed.

As if they hadn't killed enough time, a trio of magicians calling themselves "The Illusionists" performed. One of the three was actualy an "America's Got Talent" alum from Season 2. They were very engaging in a strange and macabre sort of way, slicing bodies, pulling doves apart, stapling a body back together. But the good news is: They're headed to Broadway. (Probably opening for "Sweeney Todd," right?)

Then the host was back with more results. Rola bola balancer Jonatan Riquelme an magician Smoothini are up next. Given the judges' reactions on Tuesday night, it looks like the balancer had it -- until Nick announced that Smoothini was advancing.

And that left three -- music act One Voice Children's Choir, contortionist Nina Burri and singer Kelli Glover. With music acts getting the three of the four previous nods, one has to feel for Nina Burri. So it was no surprise when her name was called.

Two acts left. Which would get the judges' approvals? Judge Mel B. chooses Kelli Glover. Judge Howard Stern does the same. And Judge Howie Mandel is getting rushed by credits when he also chooses Kelli Glover to move on into the Semifinals.

So the Top 48 had been whittled down to 20, with four acts to be named later as judges' wild card picks.

"America's Got Talent" can be seen on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week on NBC Television at 9 p.m.

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