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'AGT' 2014 Judgment Day: Of the musical groups, Sons of Serendip stand out

"America's Got Talent" headed into Judgment Day this week and on Wednesday night, the Musical Group category acts went after their share of the 47 slots open for Radio City Music Hall and the live shows. And although there were several acts that did well, there was one that stood out above the others -- the four-man ensemble, Sons of Serendip.

The Sons of Serendip, as was recapped by Reality Rewind on July 23, have a "calm and soothing sound." Not only that, they exude star-quality professionalism, as do a couple of other acts in their category, like Willis Clan, which is made up of a dozen siblings, and Jonah Smith, whose presence on stage is remarkable. But the Sons of Serendip, much like Legaci from the early auditions, sound like a bunch of career professionals having personality crises and wanting to relive their college band days.

And they really are college grads -- from Boston University, no less. They are four, and to say the least, they are eclectic: lead vocalist Micah Christian, harpist Mason Morton, cellist and vocalist Kendall Ramseur, and pianist and guitarist Cordaro Rodriguez. In the video run-up to their performance Wednesday night, the guys give all credit for forming the quartet to Micah, the lead singer. Although not related, they said they felt more like brothers, wanted to come together as brothers. And they said they wanted to "do this" for a living.

The four laid down a solemn but emotional "I Can't Make You Love Me" cover of the Bonnie Raitt hit, delivering the most connected number of the night -- and that included two bands performing original tunes. Micah Christian's lead vocals were impeccably clear, the music minimalist and perfectly accompanying the vocals.

Once they performed, this band of brothers, there was no doubt they'd won a slot and were headed to New York's Radio City Music Hall. (And they were, surviving Judgment Day and headed on to the next round.)

But they'll have some stiff competition. Willis Clan, that little army of siblings that Judge Howard Stern described as each one better looking than the next, will be difficult to beat, especially since they have dancers and multi-part hamonies they can throw into their performances. But the cute little three-year-old might be their secret weapon, especially if they get her to dance again (so what if it's the same step over and over; her stage presence is priceless).

Kieran and Finian Makepeace made it through as well. The actual brothers performed an orginal tune the Judge Howie Mandel didn't care for but Judge Howard Stern, a firm proponent of originality probably convinced him of their merit.

Livy, Matt and Sammy are just three musicians who got together to perform some music. They sound like they've been together for years. They performed an indie, Nickel Creek-like number that is somewhat captivating, so they're through as well.

But of them all, Sons of Serendip have themselves the Musical Group to beat. Will they have what it takes to make it to the finale and win that million dollar contract? Even if they don't, there's little doubt they'll get offered a recording deal once this season's done.

"America's Got Talent" begins their live shows from Radio City Music Hall in New York City next Tuesday. The show will air regularly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST.

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