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Agraria scent: a fragrant Balsam

Agraria debuts a new fragrant Balsam for a home scent you'll love
Image by Andrea Campbell

Agraria is an established fragrance emporium that has been in business since 1970 when it was a boutique on Nob Hill (they had a motley collection of books, antiques and gifts) but soon began recognized for their fragrance products.

"As interior designers, Maurice and Stanford believed that 'no great house is ever completely decorated until it has its most important decorative accessory—home fragrance.'"

Lifestyle Examiner received samples of their scent, Balsam, in soap and tassel. (I believe it was the fragrance of their very first candle.) We are extremely taken with their TasselAire™. This product is not only beautiful when adorning a cabinet pull, doorknob or armoire key, but they can also be attached to drapery tie-backs and the fragrance is always the experience. Retail price: $35.00 (with a small vial of fragrance oil inside, it lasts a long time).

The Balsam Luxury Bath Bar is a delight as it turns into a creamy lather that leaves the skin feeling silky and clean in a refreshing way. At $20, it is a great gift because it lasts a long time without losing its special properties that make it uniquely Agraria.

There is an entire suite of products in Balsam from lotions, to burning sticks, bath salts, cologne, cane-designed candle and more.

Geraldine Stutz, the legendary President of New York's
Henri Bendel, believed that "the way a house smells
is one of the most important elements in decorating."
When she put Agraria at the front door in 1974, The
New York Times referred to it as "Park Avenue Potpourri."

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