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Aging Room Cigars Review

Aging Room Cigar
Aging Room Cigar
Aging room cigars review

Aging Room Cigars present a limited edition of luxury cigars that are supplied in limited quantities to the market because of the scarcity of the tobacco which goes on to make these coveted smoking buds. The brand has received a lot of accolades for its rich taste obtaining high ranking from such ace cigar magazines like Cigar Aficionado where it gained the 16th position among the world’s best cigars in the year 2011 which also happened to be the year of its launch. The Dominican Puros cigar was an initiative by one Jose Blanco, a connoisseur tobacco grower who brought in his own blend which made the others of the Swag Puro Dominicano brand go gaga over the unique flavor and integrate the specific taste to make one of their special grade limited edition cigars. The very purpose of blending the cigar with rare tobacco varieties is to ensure that there is a limited supply of the same which will make it insufficient for regular manufacturing and releasing in the market.

Flavor: When you give the first puff on your Aging Room cigar you will feel a fine blend of spicy and sweet flavor of cedar and vanilla enriching your taste buds. Gradually, as you arrive towards the medium part of the cigar you are likely to witness a change in the flavor with a nutty, cocoa and woodsy taste streaking into the cedar, without much prominence of any one of these. The buttery aftertaste post taking each puff adds to the smoothness and consistency that the cigar endows you with. This taste remains for the rest of the cigar till you nip off the bud leaving you craving for more.

Smoke: The smoke emitted from the Aging Room is thick, white and chewy giving out a sweet, pleasurable aroma along with white, creamy ash.

Construction: Aging Room cigars are light in weight with an elegantly wrapped with a shiny wrapper. The burn is consistent giving long ash and lasts for a long time, around 50 minutes to one hour despite the small size. The first draw after chipping of the cap is completely smooth and easy with a woody taste filling the users’ mouth in seconds, thus paving the way for an enjoyable experience. The construction is rigid enough to last uniformly till the last puff just as flavor and taste of the cigar.
Price: The price of a pack of 20 Aging Room M356 Presto Cigars $137.95 and $8.25 for a single one when bought online. With the rarity of the tobacco that goes on to make these cigars and the impressive taste which comes along the price seems quite a bargain.

Cigar buffs trying the cigar for the first time have reported to have had an extremely pleasurable and smooth cigar smoking experience all through from the first puff till the final draw. The feeling was so enriching that they ended up feeling their humidors were filled with more Aging Room cigars to spend some more time luxuriating under the flavor.

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