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Agility Training in Butler: Young Athletes Fulfill Fitness Conditions

Youth Performance Training in Butler, NJ
Youth Performance Training in Butler, NJ

Agility Training in Butler: Young Athletes Fulfill Fitness Conditions

Many young Americans seriously think of sports for its health and economic benefits. For young athletes and their parents, sports has become an avenue out of poverty – a way to make good fortune and out of which they hope for a lifelong career. However, the numbers through the years show that not all dreamers get to pursue a life in college or professional athletic leagues. Writing for the Las Vegas Sun, Eli Segall reiterates some key statistics:
"Most parents and young athletes dream of college scholarships and professional careers. But the odds of either happening are minuscule.
Just 3 percent of male high school basketball players make a National Collegiate Athletic Association team. Only 0.03 percent, or three in every 10,000, go pro.
“The goal many of us are focused on is not a realistic goal,” said Mark Hyman, author of three books on youth sports."
That only 0.03 percentage of young athletes going pro may foil the dreams of a lot of kids aspiring to be either the next LeBron James or the next Peyton Manning. However, despite the miniscule chance of going pro, America’s youth are still striving to achieve something, not least of which, is an athletic scholarship through a tertiary education.


In any case, there are gyms that offer speed and agility training in Butler and other areas in New York, a place where the sports craze is almost universal. These fitness training gyms are on hand to teach children to master early on the fundamentals of a given sport, and promoting athleticism at an early age. Weighted sleds, plyometric, anaerobic, or aerobic training and other fitness solutions are utilized to increase power, speed, and endurance – three critical tenets in sports domination.
There is an accredited Parisi Speed School in Butler, along with other reputable athletic training centers like Innovation Fitness Solutions, which offer different training methods for young athletes aged 7-15 years. If you want to help your child pursue his dream of becoming an all-star, then early athletic training with experienced professionals is a great way to start him off. Who knows? You just might have a major leaguer-in-the-making right in your household.

(Source: The Costly Obsession: Youth Sports – Is it worth it? Eli Segall, February 9, 2014)