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Aggro Dad pushes boy into vert ramp

Aggressive father kicks his son into the Kona Skatepark vert ramp
Aggressive father kicks his son into the Kona Skatepark vert ramp
Still via Facebook

The video of an impatient father kicking his kid into a vert ramp at the Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida has gone viral. The clip has gotten a lot of attention from outraged skateboarders and parents. So much so that it has already inspired some spoof videos. Click here to check one out. It has also got the attention of the Florida Department of Children and Families. They are currently investigating the footage of the incident.

The man who was caught kicking his 6 year old son into the ramp has been banned from the Kona Skatepark for an undetermined time period by Marty Ramos the parks owner.

"Taking that plunge for that first drop is a mental as well as physical challenge. Understanding the physics of whats going to happen, where you need to shift weight, how to lean on your board are all crucial to not slamming. You need to push forward a little harder then one might think. The size of the ramp plays a large factor in determining the amount of force you need to apply. The ramp in the video looks large with a steep transition. Im sure there is a smaller ramp at the legendary Kona Skatepark this dad could have started his novice son on. Or maybe he should have taught his son by example, but it's very clear this guy doesn't skate given the way he was attempting to 'teach' his son to drop in!" - Jason Chapman The National Skateboarding Examiner

"Unfortunately parents get so enthusiastic about their kids and their abilities and sometimes they take it a little too far." Marty Ramos owner Kona Skatepark - Florida

Click here to see the Instagram video.