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Aggression against the Ukraine means no Russian vodka at Bob's Package Store

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Bob Gilbertson, owner of Bob's Package Store, recently made news across all of Tennessee when he pulled all Russian vodka from the shelves of his West Knoxville alcoholic beverage store. Bob is troubled by the recent Russian aggression in the Ukraine.

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Bob is not Ukrainian and there is not a huge population of Ukrainians in Knoxville. This was more a point of honor for the mild mannered Bob. To show that he is serious, Bob has a sign outside the store announcing the boycott and one inside the store that features a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin, shirtless and riding a horse, above it.

When asked if there had been any reaction to the boycott, Bob stated that there are some die hard Stolichnaya Russian Vodka fans.

Knoxvillians need not despair of the Ukrainian crisis depriving them of vodka. Bob's carries Tito's Handmade Vodka and Deep Eddy Vodka, both of which are United States brands. According to the distributor, Bob's sells more Deep Eddy Vodka than any other store in Tennessee.

Of course, Bob's also carries vodka brands from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and France. In solidarity with the Ukraine, West Knoxville will make do with fine brands of vodka.

For pictures of some of Bob's available vodka brands, check out the slideshow.