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Agents of Shield takes a drastic turn to the dark side

Double Agent
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Marvel’s Agents of Shield has taken a turn to the dark side. Who is the enemy? Who are the allies? Alliances have been tested on the last few episodes of Marvel’s Agents of Shield. After what we have seen the past few weeks maybe they should rename the show to Marvel’s Agents of Hydra, or The Defeat of Marvel’s Agents of Shield. Either way, the last three episodes have been a great turn for the before struggling show.
Marvel’s started out with a bang, but grew tired and slow. It was always interesting, but was getting too repetitive for some viewers. With all the show choices we have these days; people turn away from shows that get too repetitive or boring. Shows get cancelled over less these days, with some many more new shows fighting to get on air.
Agent Ward and Agent Sky finally share their first kiss and it’s a great moment. Hasn’t every Shield viewers been hoping for this since the beginning of their time together. It was terrible when Ward got with Mae. Was it only to make Sky jealous, or was it something entirely different? Once the episode is winding down and he asks to accompany the Hydra leader to his prison, viewers who were smart knew something was up. They knew he was no longer allies with Shield. How sad. Does this mean him and Sky can no longer be together in the future?
Hydra is taking over but the team viewers know and love have found safety in the secret base in the Canadian wilderness. Agent Ward also makes his way to the secret base to get Sky to decrypt the hard drive for him and his Hydra allies. The only catch is that Sky already discovered Ward’s secret when she found the Agent he killed in the secret base. Ward was finally opening up to Sky and she was falling for all of it until she discovered what he had done. She knows he is Hydra and it kills her, but she plays along to get down to the bottom of it all.
Maybe there is still a chance for them. Watching previews for the last few episodes of the season, it is possible for Ward to still be a good guy. He can still change. If anyone can get him to change it will be Sky. It is obvious that his feelings for her are real. They will soon be on the FBI most wanted list according to previews, so maybe they can work together and Ward can realize where he belongs, with Shield. They hint to this possibility when Mae leaves the secret base. She says she was following orders, but sometimes orders go too far. She hints to regretting the decision to follow orders. Maybe Ward can realize that the orders he is following are not the right decision.

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