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‘Agents of SHIELD’ spoilers, episode 17 ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’: Who is the traitor?

'Agents of SHIELD' traitor revealed
'Agents of SHIELD' traitor revealed
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I trust that you have all gone to watch “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” by now? As loyal Marvel fans you should have, because it tonight’s “Agents of SHIELD” episode 17, “Turn, Turn, Turn” will make a lot more sense. Hulu accidentally made the episode available early the morning of Tuesday, April 8, and fans who watched it are going crazy, as the traitor has been revealed. Spoilers are ahead!

First, here is the synopsis: “Coulson and his team find themselves without anyone they can trust, only to discover that they are trapped with a traitor in their midst.” So I didn’t personally get to catch “Turn, Turn, Turn,” on Hulu, but two Tumblr sources (link one here, second link here) were quick to spoil the traitor.

According to the above sources (last chance to not read the spoilers!), Agent Garrett, is Hydra. Relieved that Victoria Hand isn’t Hydra? Well, don’t be, because she is mercilessly killed by Ward! Yes, Ward is a traitor too. Agent May has been reporting everything to Nick Fury. I couldn’t find a source that clarified if the other agents will know of the traitors or if it’s just revealed to the audience.

Surprised or did you have strong suspicions it was going to go down like this? Again, I did not watch it, but from what I’ve read, everyone that did loved this episode – so we’re in for a great night!

“Turn, Turn, Turn,” premieres tonight on ABC. And next Tuesday, April 15, an “Agents of SHIELD” marathon will be featured followed by an all-new episode, “Providence.” Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to catch the latest spoilers on your newsfeed!

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