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‘Agents of SHIELD’ episode 21 and 22 titles, images

'Agents of SHIELD' -slide0
Promotional images, 'Agents of SHIELD'

There are only four episodes left until the end of “Agents of SHIELD” Season 1. On Thursday, the titles for the last two episodes were revealed by Below are also the synopses for episodes 19 and 20, “The Only Light in the Darkness” and “Nothing Personal.” Also, images are attached for the same episodes.

'Agents of SHIELD'
promotional image, 'The Only Light in the Darkness'

According to the source, episode 21 is titled “Ragtag,” and episode 22, the season finale, is titled “Beginning of the End.” No synopses have been released to accompany the episodes. There has not been an official announcement that “Agents of SHIELD” will be getting a second season, but fans are pretty confident that it will.

If you previously missed the episode description for episode 20 “Nothing Personal,” Spoiler TV released it earlier this week: “Agent Maria Hill returns to team up with Coulson as SHIELD is being destroyed around them.” It’ll be really cool to see what Agent Hill and Coulson plan to do next, now that Hydra has destroyed SHIELD. If you caught “The Winter Soldier” in theaters already (which you should have if you’re a fan) then you know Hydra is destroying SHIELD by having secretly planting Hydra agents for years.

Attached to the slideshow are photos for the upcoming episodes: episode 19 “The Only Light in the Darkness” and episode 20 “Nothing Personal.” Remember Coulson’s famous cellist love interest mentioned in “Avengers”? She appears in the photos!

The events in “The Only Light in the Darkness” will have Coulson racing to save the life of his one true love. The mystery of “The Cellist” will unfold. Amy Acker will guest star as Audrey, the cellist.

“Nothing Personal” will also guest star Adrian Pasdar (“Heroes”) as Colonel Glenn Talbot. It was also previously announced that Samuel L. Jackson will star in the finale as Nick Fury. The episode airs Tuesday, April 29.

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