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'Agents of SHIELD': Clark Gregg teases what's next for season 2

Coulson has a huge responsibility on his plate for season two.
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

Fans of "Agents of SHIELD" can expect an "exciting" second season. Coulson has a new job, and ABC is ready to move forward with this series after a rough start this season. Things have certainly picked up for this Marvel based series with the plot infusion from "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." On May 14, TV Line shared new comments made by Clark Gregg about season two and his character Phil Coulson.

According to Gregg, not all well is with Coulson. He was given this job by Fury when he still had the GH-325 in his system. There is no way of knowing what that means yet, but it will be explored next season. Gregg admitted that as a fan of the SHIELD comics since he was a kid, this development for his character made him "choked up." Coulson does have his work cut out for him though. Rebuilding SHIELD will not be an easy task.

Fans will also see more explored when it comes to Ward and Skye. It was revealed during the end of season one that Skye has "monstrous" origins. That will definitely be explored next season, according to Seriable. There are a lot of questions to be answered because of this reveal. Ward will also be explored more. Can he redeem himself during season two after all he did this season?

"Agents of Shield" had a rough start when it first premiered on ABC, but the network stayed with the series. Things improved as the season progressed. ABC has made a change for season two. It will remain on Tuesday nights, but it will air during a time slot that is an hour later. The series did well when it aired in that time slot this season. There are still a lot of questions for this series. Fans will need to tune in to find out how things fall out with all of the characters when this series returns next fall.

What do you think? Are you excited to see what happens next as SHIELD tries to rise from the ashes? Share your comments below.

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