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‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 1x22 Recap - shocking finale that has you at the edge of you

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In the last episode, we dive deeper in the character of Ward as we get to see what made him so evil and he gets tested as he has to choose between Garrett and the team.

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In this week’s episode, titled “Beginning of the End”, the rest of the agents come together to try and take down Garrett and Ward for good and it might take some help from Nick Fury to do so.

The group gets away after Skye is able to get what she needs from the computer.

Garrett is riding on high as the drugs are starting to take effect. It seems like it gives him a second wind or life and makes him riding on a high, something that Quinn is not to happy about because the investors can’t see the drug in work.

Ward starts to see that Garrett is starting to go a little crazy as he’s frantically making plans, acting manic, and becoming more violent and psychotic. Ward talks to Raina about the Gravitonium that she’s taking to Cybertech and tells him to go back to Skye because the darkness in her will come out eventually and that they can be together.

It’s obvious to everyone that Ward really did have a thing for Skye. It’s nice to know that he’s not completely heartless.

Quinn meets with the US Military and pitches the idea of Deathlock while the agents break into the base. They use the Deathlock soldiers to find Garrett. Ward continues to fight with Garrett about what he’s doing and he doesn’t stop until Garrett gives him directions to get Skye.

It looks like Fitz/Simmons survived the crash but they are trapped 90 feet in down in the middle of the ocean with no way out. They start planning and contemplating death until Fitz/Simmons think of something that might get them out. But unfortunately only one them. They argue about it but Fitz finally admits his feelings for Simmons and she tries to save him with the help of none other then Nick Fury (guest star Samuel L. Jackson).

Fury says that Fitz is alive but barely he goes after Coulson and the rest of the group. May fights off Ward and uses some of that Hate-fu she’s been working on him to keep him occupied while Skye tries to work out the Incentives from Zeller (worker at Cybertech). Turns out the ‘incentives’ are people that they loved that were kidnapped and held hostage. Skye finds Ace and is able to get Mike to see that he doesn’t need to listen to Garrett anymore. Mike ends up killing Garrett.

Ward gets taken in while Mike is let go so he can amend for what he did.

Fury gives Coulson the task of rebuilding SHIELD. He’s going to enjoy his death.

There is quite the cliff hanger at the end of the show as Raina meets with a mysterious person and she tells them that she found their daughter, Skye. The hand that grabs the picture looks bloody and cut up. Wonder what’s going on with that? Did this person send Raina in to try and find Skye? We’ve learned that Skye’s parents are the ‘monsters’ that destroyed a village and claim not the good people that she heard about from Coulson.

Something strange happens to Coulson by the end of the show as he starts making designs like Garrett was making. Is there something going on inside of him that was similar to what was going on inside of Garrett? What does those markings mean? It must have to do with the alien DNA that they have inserted in them. No doubt that this will be further explained in Thor 3.

Season 1 has certainly given us a lot to look forward in the future. The show worked in nicely with the Marvel movies that are coming out. No doubt that this trend will happen again next season especially considering Thor 3, Captain America 3, and The Avengers 2 are all set to come out next year.

Agents of SHIELD has been picked up for a second season and will come back next fall on ABC.

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