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‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 1x21 Recap - Ward’s past is revealed

‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 1x21 Recap - Ward’s past is revealed -slide0

In the last episode, Skye tries to delay Ward and what he’s after while SHIELD tries not to get arrested by the government.

In this week’s episode, titled “Ragtag”, we dive deeper in the character of Ward as we get to see what made him so evil and he gets tested as he has to choose between Garrett and the team.

In this week’s episode, titled “Ragtag”, we dive deeper in the character of Ward as we get to see what made him so evil and he gets tested as he has to choose between Garrett and the team.

We get a look at Ward’s background and how he met Garrett and how their relationship started and got to where they are. Garrett offers him a deal to get him out of jail (after being accused of arson and attempted murder on his brother) and offers him a chance to be away from his family.

Garrett starts training Ward and using his past to get to him. Part of his training was leaving him in the middle of the woods alone for a few months off to have him to fend for himself.

May is back with the agents and they are working together to take down Ward and Garrett. They find that a company called Cybertek is the connection for everything. May and Coulson come up with a plan to let Skye’s plan of hacking into their system.

We get to see the Mike/Ward may not like working with Garrett but are doing it out of sheer duty or in Mike’s case, blackmail. Raina tells Garrett that she is close to getting the formula used for saving Coulson’s and Skye’s life which obviously makes Garrett a very happy person.

Mike is not happy with Raina for lying to him and taking advantage of him. She asks him about Skye and she thinks that they have something in common.

Raina tells Ward that she knows Skye’s DNA matches the DNA for something bigger. She tells him about a story about a baby girl surviving a battle that took place in a village in China where two monsters came in and destroyed the village. Skye’s parents are the two monsters.

Could this mean that Skye’s parents are still alive? We had thought that Skye’s parents were former Agents of SHIELD members who died trying to protect her because she is 0-8-4. The full extent of that is still being worked out but it should be very interesting when we get to the bottom of it.

Ward and Garrett have an argument over Garrett’s decision to almost kill him and it causes Garrett to break down. Ward saves him. Garrett tells him breaking down is happening more frequently then before. He says that he’s going to die in the next month or two.

Raina finishes the formula and has a test tube of it saying it can heal just like it did for Coulson and Skye. Garrett holds onto the only tube.

Coulson/May go under cover as two former agents of SHIELD trying to get jobs with them. They are distracting two of the interviewers while Skye hacked into the system and tried to find out where there is a computer they can use to hack into for Hydra whereabouts. They soon find out why Skye had a hard time hacking into Cybertek’s main drive, they use hard copies of stuff.

May finds Mike Peterson’s file and find that Garrett was the first version of Deathlock. Coulson/May throw the file cabinet out and they take it into their custody so that they can do research on Garrett.

Garrett was the first version of Deathlock which explains why he knows how to work Mike and also why he’s so powerful and got so many followers.

Skye is angry with Fitz’s optimism of Ward being controlled and May talks with her about it and how she’s harnessing her anger for Ward until she sees him again. Coulson finds a clue that has them going to Cuba.

When the get there, they make a plan to go after Ward and Garrett. They find that they are leaving soon but Skye comes up with a quick Plan B to unleash the Trojan horse she planted. When they go inside to investigate the barber shop, they find themselves in trouble as some centipedes show up to take them out.

Things turn sour real fast as Ward finds Fitz/Simmons staking them out. But Fitz makes a bold move as he presses the EMP and causes Garrett to short circuit.

While trying to tend to Ward, we see that Garrett had Ward kill his dog when he was younger and he wants Ward to do the same thing with Fitz/Simmons. We see that Garrett didn’t kill the dog close range, but from far away. Garrett then tells Raina to insert her new formula into him.

Garrett goes to kill Fitz/Simmons and they try to reason with him but it doesn’t work. They lock themselves in a room and Ward tosses out the small box they are in into the ocean. When Garrett checks in on Garrett, the formula starts working on Garrett but he glows up (similar to the people in Iron Man 3).

We have a turn of events as Quinn talks with the American government about an army of Deathlocks.

In the next episode, the rest of the agents come together to try and take down Garrett and Ward for good and it might take some help from Nick Fury to do so.

What did you think of the show?

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