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‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 1x20 Recap - the team goes on the search for Skye

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In the last episode, Ward works to get the information from Skye, while the rest of the group try and take down the man who tried killing Coulson’s love.

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In this week’s episode, titled “Nothing Personal”, Skye tries to delay Ward and what he’s after while SHIELD tries not to get arrested by the government.

Agent Hill (guest star Colbie Smulders) returns to the show and May seeks her help to get answers about TAHITI. Hill tells her what Fury told her about the TAHITI project so naturally, May cracks the riddle and finds the hard drive in Coulson’s coffin.

The rest of SHIELD try and figure out what happened with May, Skye, and Ward. Fitz finds Skye’s message that Ward is Hydra and Simmons finds Koenig’s body.

Simmons does an autopsy of the body and she figures out that Ward is the one that killed Koenig. Fitz gets upset and angry about it but Coulson redirects his anger on finding Skye. He knows that Skye has a plan but they need to figure it out.

Agent Hill comes in to the Fridge as the other agents are there. She comes to take them in. The Air Force interrogates the group while Hill and Coulson talk. He tells her about Skye and Ward and Hill joins in with them to get to Ward and Skye.

Skye is trying to stall for time until Coulson can catch up and Ward is getting impatient as he waits for her to crack the hard drive. They start talking about Ward and his under cover jobs and making little dabs at him about how he’s lying to her.

Cops start showing up and Ward gets weary. She finally admits to him that she knows he’s Hydra and that she tipped off the cops. She tries to get away but Mike shows up and takes her down.

Ward and Skye talk and she is still angry with him for all the lies. He thinks that what he’s doing is right and that one day she will understand. Skye won’t tell them how to unlock the drive. Skye tries to reason with Mike and Ward. It doesn’t work and she gives into them.

SHIELD is able to find them and Hill/Triplett stall Ward so that Coulson can get on the plane to help Skye. Which he does. Ward wants to go after them but Mike stops him.

As the night wears down, Skye tells Coulson she decrypted the flash drive but left them a little ‘present’ with it. Mike/Ward can not outsmart Skye.

In the next episode, we dive deeper in the character of Ward as we get to see what made him so evil and he gets tested as he has to choose between Garrett and the team.

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