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‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 1x18 Recap - Ward’s shows his true self as SHIELD regroups

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In the last episode, the Agents try and get the answers to who is behind Deathlock as SHIELD is split and you don’t know who is good and who is bad.

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In this week’s episode, titled “Providence”, Coulson and the rest of his group go under ground to try and find answers about Hydra while Garrett shows Ward gets to see all that Hydra can do.

Ward breaks out Raina from her prison and takes her to meet Garrett. He tells her that he is a fraud before bringing her to Hydra’s headquarters.

Skye tells Coulson that there is only 3 bases that are locked down for SHIELD. The government steps in and tells the agents that they are going to be coming in meaning that they have to get out of there before the government shows up.

Coulson is weary about Triplett because he worked closely with Garrett but Simmons backs him out. He tells Skye to delete them from existence. He wants to disappear off the grid.

While trying to plan on their next move, Coulson finds coordinates and he thinks that Fury sent them and he believes that he is alive. May tries to talk to him and say that maybe the coordinates are a trap and not from Fury. She says that Fury wasn’t the one that ordered the surgery. She was there to make sure Hydra didn’t control him.

When they get to the coordinates, there is seemingly nothing there. Coulson gets angry and the group think that he is losing it because he’s upset. But they soon find that there is something at the location. When they get inside, there is another agent in there, Koenig (guest star Patton Oswalt) who tells him that Fury is alive and that he they can’t trust anyone in the group.

Skye checks in with Ward. She says she’s going to keep him up to date on what’s going on, meaning he will be able to keep Garrett up to date.

Garrett and Ward argue about Skye. Ward’s mission was to get intel on Coulson and Skye was not meant to get shot but Garrett said she knew too much.

Garrett and Ward break into the Fridge to try and steal some weapons. While there, Garrett lets go of all the prisoners that they have made. Ward remembers something that Coulson told him about the Fridge and they take that along too.

Garrett’s given Ward a new mission and that is to get a password from Skye at whatever costs.

Garrett shows Quinn his Gravitorium that got destroyed at the beginning of the season.

In the next episode, Ward gets what he wants from Skye and she learns that he’s not the man that she thought he was as Hydra continues to try and gain control of the remaining SHIELD bases.

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