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‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 1x17 Recap - The Clairvoyant is revealed

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In the last episode, SHIELD goes after the Clairvoyant with Skye’s help but things get complicated as Deathlock tries and stops them.

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In this week’s episode, titled “Turn, Turn, Turn”, the Agents try and get the answers to who is behind Deathlock as SHIELD is split and you don’t know who is good and who is bad.

For those of you who have seen Captain America Winter Soldier you know that there are events that occur in that movie that are important for this episode. But you don’t need to have seen the movie to understand what’s going on. You just get a further understanding of everything.

Coulson is trying to get answers from May about why she has been talking with Fury but she just says that it was her job but things get complicated as two droid planes try to take them down. After they take the droids down, the group talk about how Coulson thinks that Hand is the clairvoyant.

Coulson gives her a chance to redeem herself as he asks he to call Fury. But of course that is not going to happen (people who saw Captain America Winter Soldier know why). With Fury gone, May tells Coulson the truth. She had assembled the team, not him, so that they could help him. Fitz/Simmons are there to monitor his health while Ward was there to take him out if they needed to.

Skye is able to decipher a message sent by the Clairvoyant. It says ‘Out of the shadows, into the light. Hydra’. The plane is heading to the Hub where they have no idea what is waiting for them there.

While trying to get to the computer system, Ward and Skye share an intimate moment where they both basically admit having feelings for one another. They kiss before they are able to go on their mission.

Simmons is continuing to try and figure out why and how TAHITI saved both Coulson and Skye. Simmons talks with one of her mentors from school and learn that Hydra is attacking them. She tries to hide away at the Hub with Triplett. When they get found out, Hand tests them to see if they are working for Hydra which they pass. She tells them that they are trying to take Hydra down and the Coulson may be Hydra.

Simmons tries to defend Coulson say that he can’t be Hydra, but Hand uses events from the season so far to try and make Simmons see why they think that Coulson is Hydra.

The Clairvoyant’s identity is revealed to be Garrett and how he’s able to infiltrate SHIELD. The remaining agents not loyal to Hydra have to come together to try and rebuild SHIELD and defeat Hydra.

The ending comes out of nowhere as you think that this is going to be the end for Garrett but there is a curveball as we see that Ward is working with Garrett. He kills two guards and Hand.

Next week, Coulson and the rest of his group go under ground to try and find answers about Hydra while Ward gets to see all that Hydra can do.

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