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‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 1x15 Recap - Lady Sif drops in to save the day

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In the last episode, Skye continues to fight for her life and the group goes on the hunt to try and find the cure for her but what they find may complicate matters.

In this week’s episode, titled “Yes Men”, we get another Thor crossover as two Asgardian women fight over mankind after Lorelei takes Ward under her control. Jaimie Alexander guest stars as Sif who comes to Earth to take down Lorelei.

Lorelei, who is from Asgardian, is seeking something on Earth and it is up to Sif to come and save the day but things get hairy as Lorelei takes Ward under her control. Lorelei has the skill to take any man under control by using her voice or her touch. She uses him to take in a bunch of other agents to try and build up an army. Sif was ordered to bring back Lorelei alive. Now, is this the REAL Odin or the Loki-Odin we saw in Thor: The Dark World.

The way that this story goes down makes one wonder if this would be the segway between Thor movies or some kind of introduction into The Avengers 2.

Skye is bedridden still and Simmons is her nurse. She feels guilty about what happened, but there is good out of it. She tries to help the agents in getting Ward back. Coulson appeases her and lets Skye try and find Ward.

Simmons is trying to understand how Skye is able to survive and at the rate that she is healing. Coulson has requested that they keep it in house and not involve outside sources. She tries to get answers from Coulson, but it leads to him lashing out on her about the issue.

May convinces Coulson to talk to Skye about what he went through with Skye. Coulson hates that he has part of the alien in him and Skye doesn’t seem upset about it. She’s happy just to be alive and that they have each other. Coulson tells her that they are going to go after the answers by themselves.

Coulson goes off the reservation as he tries to track down Fury. He wants the answers to all the questions that he now has in regards to T.A.H.I.T.I. and what he found down there when looking for the cure for Skye. Coulson uses Sif’s appearance as a way to try and get some answers about the blue alien he saw underground.

On a more personal level, May cuts Ward loose from their relationship. They both don’t seem happy about the break up, but May is probably right about it.

Next week, we get an inside look to the Marvel world as we watch interviews and behind the scenes for past Marvel movies and upcoming Marvel products such as The Avengers 2 and the future of Agents of SHIELD.

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