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‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 1x14 Recap - Coulson does anything he can to save Skye

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In the last episode, the unit goes undercover on a mysterious train as they are pursuing the Clairvoyant and Ian Quinn.

In this week’s episode, titled “T.A.H.I.T.I.”, Skye continues to fight for her life and the group goes on the hunt to try and find the cure for her but what they find may complicate matters.

The team pulls together as they try and save Skye’s life. Coulson believes that because they were able to bring him back from the dead, they can do the same for Skye. Coulson tells the group the truth about how he we brought back from the dead. He is going against the rules and stopping at nothing to save Skye.

This of course doesn’t sit well for SHIELD as they try and take Quinn from the team, but Coulson goes against their orders with withholding Quinn. Another agent, Garrett (guest star Bill Paxton) and his partner Tripp come to get Quinn.

Garrett and Coulson get to work on Quinn trying to find out about Deathlock. Quinn is under the Clairvoyant’s control and the Clairvoyant is the one that wanted Skye to die. The Clairvoyant show Skye because they knew that Coulsn would do anything to save her (which includes having the same procedure that was done on him on her). This way the Clairvoyant can see how it happened.

Fitz and Simmons work through Coulson’s file to try and find a way to save Skye. Fitz and Simmons are worried about helping Skye for she will experience the same turmoil that Coulson did and that it will give Clairvoyant what they want. They are able to find out what saved Coulson and they go and find it for Skye.

As the group goes through the compound, Coulson remembers the night that he got operated on. This is the location where they worked. He finds a room with the word T.A.H.I.T.I on it (which explains why he thought he was in the actual Tahiti). He finds out something about the GH serum that they went after and they gave it to Skye. Coulson didn’t want Skye to take it, because the GH comes from some unknown creature.

The end of the show finds a woman named Lorelei taking a man under her control and they go driving away from his wife.

Next week, we get another Thor crossover as two Asgardian women fight over mankind after Lorelei takes Ward under her control. Jaimie Alexander guest stars as Sif who comes to Earth to take down Lorelei.

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