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‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 1x12 Recap - Skye’s past is revealed

Last week, we got a breakthrough in what happened with Coulson after he was dead. It looks like it was Dr. Fury that stopped at nothing to make sure that Coulson lived, despite the amount of pain that he was in. For what reason, that is still unknown. There is a bold move made by the enemy as we are no closer to finding out who the Clairvoyant is.

In tonight’s episode, titled “Seeds”, we get more information about Skye’s past and her parents while a storm takes place at the SHIELD academy that the team has to deal with.

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In this episode, titled “Seeds”, we get more information about Skye’s past and her parents while a storm takes place at the SHIELD academy that the team has to deal with.

We meet a new kind of problem as Donnie Gill (played by Dylan Minnette Prisoners) who teams up with another student, Seth, as they create a giant storm machine. Donnie tricks Fitz into helping him sole the problem part of his machine. Later on, we find out that they want to use the machine to sell to Quinn (David Conrad Wedding Crashers) from episode 3. He tricks them into trying and freeze the academy.

Coulson is still struggling with what he learned last episode. He is angry that Dr. Fury kept the secrets from him and he is wondering what else that he’s been lied to about. He is almost at the point of obsessed with it and its pulling him down into a depressive state.

To distract Coulson, him and May go on their own mission to try and find the answers that Skye is looking for. They know that the woman who dropped her off at the orphanage, Agent Avery is dead, but not her partner Richard Lumley. They spotted him in Mexico City and is looking to find him to get answers for Skye.

Richard explains to Coulson and May the truth about what happened the night he found Skye as a baby and why him and Agent Avery risked their lives to keep the baby safe. She is considered an 0-8-4 which we learned is a very powerful weapon in Episode 1 and 2 of this season.

Despite May’s advice not to tell Skye the truth, Coulson tells her because he doesn’t want to be another pawn like the other agents at SHIELD. Obviously Skye is upset with the news as it doesn’t mean good news for her or the other agents.

The ending was certainly interesting. Coulson talks to May about Skye and how she saw the silver lining to the story that Coulson told her. Instead of letting it destroy her, she saw that it wasn’t that the families didn’t want her, it meant that SHIELD was trying to protect her.

What’s more dangerous though is what happens with Donnie. He learns that he can freeze stuff with his touch. What does that mean for the future of the season? Certainly going to be interesting because he was really upset after Seth died. He felt responsible for it. The question is, will he use what he has for good or for evil?

We get quite a twist at the end as Coulson calls Quinn to warn him that they will shoot him down, but it’s Quinn who has the last word as he states “The Clairvoyant says hi.” Queue the suspenseful music. Could this mean that Quinn’s been working with the Clairvoyant all this time or could he in fact be the Clairvoyant.

The show is going to be off the air for three weeks, returning on February 4th but it’s going to be quite the show when it returns. Stan Lee will be making a guest appearance (as he always does in his movies) and it looks like someone is going to be dying or close to dying in this episode as Couslon begs for someone to hold on. Who could it be? Whoever it is, it’s going to be a heartbreaking to watch.

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