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‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 1x11 “The Magical Place”: Truth of Coulson's death revealed

Tonight was a very exciting show. The show had left us with Coulson getting kidnapped and the reason being is that Raina and Po want to know what happened to him after he died.

Agent Coulson learns more about the mystery of his death but the information comes at a high cost.

We still don’t know too much about the clairvoyant that Po is using for all his information. No doubt that Coulson has a point, they must not be too good if they need Coulson to figure out what happened to him. It’s still unclear who this person is, but I’m sure we will find out sooner or later and when we do it’s going to be a shocker because that’s how this show works.

We get more information about Coulson’s death. It’s ultimately the most important thing that we can get out of this season. It looks like Dr. Fury was in on it and helped prevent Coulson from learning about what happened to him.

The end of the show is quite interesting as someone we know comes back and is in a situation that is not going to bode well for them or for the Agents of SHIELD.

Here is a link to last week’s show:

The summary for tonight’s show (courtesy of Charter): Agent Coulson learns more about the mystery of his death but the information comes at a high cost.

Here’s a recap of the show.

A man, Vanchat, is giving a woman some artifact before SHIELD pops in and knocks down everyone. The man gets away and May goes after him. She motions to Fitz/Simmons and they use their devices to stop him. Sky forces him to go to the top floor where Hand asked to help them.

Simmons is healing Ward’s wounds. Fitz gets frustrated with the number of agents on the plane.

Ward/Fitz/Simmons go to a briefing by Hand. They get a notice that someone is hacking into the files. Hand/Ward/May go investigate and see that it was Skye who was trying to hack Vanchat’s financials to find out where Centipede is. Ward defends Skye and May doesn’t. Hand tells Skye to get off the plane.

Skye blows off steam about May to Ward and he calms her down. Fitz/Simmons give Skye a phone to contact them, but only can make 1 call. Ward says she has 12 minutes to work her magic before SHIELD takes her off the plane.

Coulson wakes up to Po waiting for him. Coulson fights at helping them. Po talks about his clairvoyant and how he/she can’t see what happened to him after he died. Coulson still refuses to help.

Skye is in an internet café trying to hack into the system, but she gets blocked. She leaves and tries to find another way in and finds one with a business man named Lloyd (Rob Huebel ‘What to Expect When You‘re Expecting’). She steals the car that he was in.

Fitz/Simmons are working on something. Ward gets frustrated with the interrogation and goes in.

Skye tries to get a location but her bracelet locks her down. She sees that the car has Onstar so she crashes it so she can get towed back to Lloyd’s house.

Coulson gets thrown into a room after being tortured. He slips out tweezers and starts to work his handcuffs.

Ward goes to talk to Vanchat. When he refuses to talk, they open an air vent and Vanchat agrees to talk.

When getting food, Coulson knocks on his guard and escapes but Po is waiting for him. His guards come and take him in.

Skye gets taken back to Lloyd’s house and she breaks in. She calls him at the office and has him come home. When he gets home, she tells him that her name is May.

Skye tells her that if he works with her then they won’t freeze his assets. He agrees.

Hand finishes her debriefing. She talks with Ward about what he’s done with Skye and Vanchat. She doesn’t understand why all this fuss for Coulson.

They are torturing Coulson to try and get him to talk. Raina comes in and tells Po to stop. The Clairvoyant calls and asks to speak to Raina. When Po gets back on the phone he gets shocked through it and dies.

Ward tells May that she thinks that Hand is holding back. Then he asks her why she let Skye get tossed. She said she did it so that Skye would be off the plane and outside the system. Hand gives May new coordinates.

Skye convinces Lloyd that she is SHIELD and gets him to start working.

Raina and Coulson talk. She says that she wants to build soldiers that can come back to life. She says that she can give him the answers he wants for what happened to him after he died. She says that he has to go with it for it to help or the machine is going to fry his brain. She says she wants the secret that SHIELD is keeping from him.

Skye asks him to look for transaction history for Vanchat. She sees that Lloyd doesn’t know what he’s doing. She has one of the other cops do it for her and she finds Raina’s transaction history.

Coulson/Raina continue talking. She keeps trying to get him to turn against SHIELD. She then tries to get Coulson to break by using the love of his life. He says that Tahti is a ‘Magical Place’ but doesn’t know why. Coulson finally agrees to it.

Skye calls Simmons and says she found out where Raina is.

Ward/Fitz/Simmons/May tell Hand they are going to the dessert on Skye’s lead. Hand figures out that May played her and is not happy about it.

Coulson asks Raina about her and flowers before they start. She just says ‘who doesn’t like flowers?’. She tells him to think about the first memory after he died.
Coulson is on the beach. He learns that Dr. Fury directed his massage.

Skye arrives at the location in the dessert. A guard catches her and goes after her but the SHIELD jeep knocks him out.

Coulson is starting to see that Tahti is more of an operating room.

The group starts fighting off the guards to go look for Coulson.

Coulson remembers that a electronic machine is shocking his brain and he keeps begging the doctor to let him die. Skye/May come in and knock Raina out and save Coulson.

The group watch as Raina gets arrested. Hand goes to talk to Coulson. She tells him that the Centipede has been shut down. Coulson says they need to find the Clairvoyant. After Hand leaves, Coulson thanks the group, especially Skye. He removes her bracelet. He tells her what he saw wasn’t real, that they were messing with him.

Coulson goes to see the doctor. The doctor tells Coulson what happened but Fury told him he wanted Coulson to live. The machine was there to give him a pleasant memory and not remember the pain. He says they were trying to get him to want to live because Coulson didn’t have any.

Mike wakes up and sees the damage that was done. He’s lost his leg and a lot of skin damage. He is in a white room and he’s got a chip in his head.

Next week, it looks like Skye is continuing to try and find information on her parents; Coulson continues trying to figure out what happened to him; and a major storm is coming to shake the agents of SHIELD.

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