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Agenda: How the far left uses homosexuality to undermine morality

How perversity is promoted as diversity to undermine culture and morality in the U.S. by the far left
How perversity is promoted as diversity to undermine culture and morality in the U.S. by the far left

Decades ago the far left decided it would use the homosexual agenda, and gaining public acceptance of homosexuality, to undermine American culture in general and in specific to destroy religion and morality in America. Curtis Bowers exposed this in the documentary, Agenda: Grinding America Down. Specifically, Bowers spoke of the far left and said, “Finally, to destroy our culture, they needed us to abandon our heritage of religion and morality. They believed the homosexual movement, if accepted, would begin to effectively extinguish these values.”

The far left knew that by appealing to the decency and compassion of the American people they could get the majority to accept as normal and no longer deviant, something as deviant (and to use their own term, degenerate) as homosexuality. One of the goals of the communists and others on the far left, as outlined in the book The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen, was to “present homo-sexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.””

The far left has clearly done this, and they have gotten millions of Americans to accept as normal, natural and healthy that which is neither normal nor healthy, the lifestyle of homosexuality that is in the age of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases a very risky and unhealthy death-style. The left did not just push for tolerance but full acceptance as normal and healthy this lifestyle because they knew that was required to undermine religion and morality. Simple tolerance, as we tolerate all who have problems they need help with, would not eradicate morality the way acceptance does.

We tolerate and treat with a great deal of compassion those who are alcoholics, for example, but we do not accept or celebrate alcoholism itself as normal, healthy or natural. Compassion is offering to help those with an alcohol problem, not to tell them their booze problem is normal and to be accepted, embraced and celebrated. Some will say my analogy here brings to mind what they think was a gaffe when Texas Governor Rick Perry made comments recently comparing homosexuality with alcoholism, to which I said he was spot-on correct. I absolutely am making such a comparison as well because Perry was also correct to make the connection.

Imagine if we had a campaign, designed to further undermine and destroy our majority and the social fiber of society, an organization on the far left that sought to get the public to accept as normal, natural and healthy the lifestyle of alcoholics. Think of all the laws against things like operating a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquors they would want repealed because they are discriminatory against alcoholics. Employers could not fire alcoholics from jobs because it would be discrimination. The lists goes on and on. Perhaps I shouldn't be giving the far left any more good ideas on how they can further destroy the country. Most of us would think this is absurd and has no chance of happening in our life times, as Curtis Bowers thought after he had attended the communist conference back in 1992.

For those who us who believe that homosexuality is both a sinful lifestyle and a mental disorder as well (addition to promiscuous sex with a member of the same sex) and that it should be treated much like alcoholism and that compassion toward the individuals means not accepting their perversity but instead urging them to voluntarily for themselves choose to get proper treatment, acceptance of the lifestyle of homosexuality as normal, natural and healthy is just as absurd as applying that approach to alcoholism and alcoholics.

The far left has taken this crusade to a whole new level as well, it's not just enough to undermine morality by getting the majority of adult Americans to accept homosexuality as normal, natural and healthy. They are brainwashing the children on this before the children even have the intellectual capacity to understand what is normal, natural and healthy so that by the time they do understand those concepts, they've been exposed to homosexuality so much so that they will automatically accept it as being just as natural, normal and healthy as everything else they've come to accept.

They have included homosexuality in sex education programs in the government-run schools as well as creating student clubs for “gay and straight people” which ultimately have become the primary means by which homosexuals recruit young children into homosexuality via these clubs in the schools, sometimes as early as in elementary and middle schools. Parents as shocked when little Johnny comes home, even before going through puberty, to inform his parents that he's attracted to loving other boys, or much worse, when even worse when your son Sam comes home and informs you that he's learned in school that he's really a girl in a boys body, and he wants to dress like a girl and be called Samantha instead. This is happening and the dynamic for all of this is begin deliberately created by the far left in the activities they promote in the government-run schools. Soon the left will be campaigning for allowing NAMBLA to create chapters in the schools. That's ridiculous many will say, but Curtis Bowers thought exactly that in regard to the left's stated goal, in 1992 after attending the communist conference, to get the public to accept homosexuality.

They aren't and will not stop in their promotion of this agenda, and expansion of this agenda, to destroy morality completely in our society. Allowing multiple husbands and wives is their expansion of immorality and destroying of marriage through expanding its definition that will be promoted next by the far left. Marriage is an evolving paradigm, the far left tells us. The rights of children are also an expanding and evolving paradigm to the far left, and when they get around to promoting the notion that children have rights equal to adults and should be free to have sexual relations with adults, they will be campaigning for public acceptance of pedophilia too. Don't say that's ridiculous, because 22 years ago the notion of getting the public to accept homosexuality as normal, natural and healthy seem absurd as well. There are no bounds of evil and immorality at which the far left will stop before they succeed in destroying morality in our society entirely.

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