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Agency suggests leaving Facebook for 3 months will make you happier

Leaving Facebook might make you happier
Leaving Facebook might make you happier
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Now that Facebook has experimented with your emotions, why don’t you experiment with Facebook? The Huffington Post reports on Friday that a Dutch company has started campaign, which originally started as a joke, to keep people off Facebook for 99 days to see how it affects our moods.

The agency named Just is asking people to join their “99 Days of Freedom” campaign to see if taking a leave of absence will improve what many people will qualify as a ‘complicated relationship’ with the social media site. As with so many campaigns involving Facebook, the first step is to change your profile picture. The suggested one to use is the campaigns’ logo for ’99 Days of Freedom’, to let friends know that you’re no longer keeping your Facebook tab open all day and lazily scrolling and refreshing. The next step is the final one. Just don’t log in to Facebook.

Easier said than done right? How many of us automatically find their fingers hovering over the “f” key as soon as they’ve opened their browser? But the company proposes that we might experience a happier three months for having abandoned the network.

There’s no way the agency can actually check to make sure you’re not going on the site, but if you’re interested in the science of it, you can take the pledge, stick to it and participate in their happiness surveys, which give them more information about what kind of effect Facebook has on us. They suggest that leaving comment trolls, friend vacation photos and ex-stalking behind will be beneficial.

Of course, this isn’t completely conclusive. Some people may feel happier for simply sticking with something they said they’d do rather than removing the negativity of Facebook from their lives. But hopefully, they’ll include that type of information in their surveys to really determine what kind of happiness leaving can bring.

The agency also has a countdown that you can share, if you so choose, counting down for friends who visit your page when you’ll be back to the ol’ FB.

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