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Agency rental cars for little kids are a hit

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After mom and dad have completed their car rental process, now little ones can also join their parents by securing a spiffy four wheel ride for themselves. Mattel, the company that manufactures the famed Hot Wheels toy cars has teamed up with the European car rental agency, Europcar to offer the children of car renting adults, the opportunity to rent a vehicle of their choice according to Auto Rental News.

At Europcar locations, parents are offered a contract for the toy car. Children get to choose which Hot Wheels vehicles they want to rent from an in-store catalog or by pre-booking online. They get to play with the cars during the agreed upon period and when their parents return the rental, the child will at that point decide, whether or not, they want to keep their Hot Wheels selection. In a sample and sale scheme that is pretty darn brilliant, the parent's credit card is billed, if the child does not want to part with the car which is probably a common occurrence.

The Hot Wheels are supposed to keep the pint-sized set occupied during their car trips and they also receive an education about how the car rental process works. Each of the children's contracts are modeled after the ones their parents receive at the rental establishment--pre-booking, free upgrades, unlimited miles, late return penalties, etc.

For the toy maker, the car rental for tots program is a gold mine in that the company will be able to gauge which of their cars most appeal to young children. In addition, there is also the obvious, Mattel stands to make quite a bit of profit from this latest operation. The Hot Wheels rental counters were set up in six Europcar locations in France. The program which is still in its infancy stage will eventually be rolled out to more markets in the European Union. So far however, there has been no mention of the car rental for kids program hitting these shores.

--Car ChickĀ®