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Agave plant in the Southwest

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Agave plants are cooperative desert plants for El Paso, TX landscape. They are drought tolerant and more likely to be able to take full and direct sunlight of the southwest desert. They are weatherproof up to about 20 degree in temperature, then after that need protection against cold during the winter season. The process of weatherproof can be done easily by placing indoors, if planted in a planter pot. Otherwise covering with a breathable clothe during that time, would be ideal. They take little water for care and are slow growers. They also require very little pruning and upkeep. The Agave is considered a Cacti /Succulent plant that grow at a slow rate. They grow with texture on the ends of their leave tips, which are thick and sturdy. Their appearance once mature is bold and strong with tones of blue green in color depending on the species and can also display lines of white to outline leaf base. When their roots are established they can eventually grow into a large size 4’ to 5’ feet in height and 8’ in width. They are generally seen from time to time in individual’s landscapes. These are plants to consider if not able to give a lot of attention to the landscape. These need very little attention as maintenance requirement. They will perform and grow in the environment of El Paso, TX.

They are available at most local nursery growers. They are given different names for the different species that are available.

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