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'Agatha Christie: Why Didn't They Ask Evans?' DVD Review

'Agatha Christie: Why Didn't They Ask Evans?'
'Agatha Christie: Why Didn't They Ask Evans?'
acorn tv

Bobbie Jones and the Doctor were out playing golf and came across a body that had fallen off a cliff. They ran down a path and found the man with a broken back but still alive. The Doc knew that he didn't have long to live but went for help anyway. Bobbie waited with the man when all of a sudden the man spoke "Why didn't they ask Evans" and then he died.

Bobbie was late for an appointment and when another man had shown up he asked politely if the man would wait for the Doc to come back with help. Bobbie was late for the church service that his father the Vicar was holding and Bobbie was the organist.

Bobbie would tell his father what had happened as they ate, but his father was still not at all pleased. Later on Bobbie would run into a friend of his Lady Frankie Derwent and tell her the story of the body. Bobbie would find out later that he would have to attend the inquest of the death. Lady Frankie tagged along because she was bored. Little things started to pop up that were peculiar and made them both question as to whether this could have been murder.

This is were the mystery begins and you will have to watch the DVD to find out the end. You see this story is one of three from the Agatha Christie: The Queen of Crime Collection brought to you by Acorn Entertainment.

The DVD came out on January 28, 2014. The quality of the DVD is pure excellence. The sound and visuals are the best you can ask for. Agatha Christie has been given us pure mystery for many years and Acorn Entertainment brings us the best in British Entertainment. So this is one DVD that you will want to have in your library. So don't waste any time and get this soon. Enjoy.